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BLOG THING: Goodbye Semester 4!

The Story Begins...

After our exams, we marched down to Zouk for our last gathering party before everyone hit back to their hometown.

How awesome it was?

Gosh... We partied like it was 1999!

Before this, we had some bad experience at Ghetto Heaven but we totally had a blast this week!
It was great partying with my college peeps!

This is how we say "sayonara" to the fourth semester!

Check out the photos below!

Jump up and down! Lydia flashing her moves

Yati & Eqah

Smile, ladies.

Group photo!

... and how can we forget the farewell party we had at Duta Vista in February! Tata, Zach! Hope it's all well in Boston.

Let's party...

Aizat shake what his momma gave him!


Guitar Hero session... without the guitar! haha

This is why they are hot!

The Shenanigans... split up!

This is not Zombie Nation!

What a great moment we had! I think we are the best batch ever in our course because we all stick as one eventhough we are split into different classes.

There are ups and downs between us but what can we do? We are humans and human make mistakes. :)

I'm not gonna say "The End" for this post.



  1. Fuzz said...:

    Missed the good old youth...

    Party hard while your schedule is still govern by lesser powers (college)

    Dah keje nanti cry at night.... like me. hahahaha.

    There will be a Freedom *hush... hush* extra party on the 30th at a bungalow in afamosa.

    Will update some of of u soon. depends on how hush2 they make it la.

    forbidden crazy home parties are the shiats. some more during freedom.