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BLOG THING: The Party Poll!

The Story Begins...

I've had set up a poll last week on "Which event will you attend?"
Was it 2 Days of Freedom or UOX or both events?

Here's the outcome....

Everyone's favorite choice, 2 Days of Freedom WON THE POLL with 73%! Hahah... After the successful debut last year with Tiesto spun for 2 days and series of awesome Freedom Elite events, I think everyone is heads up for this party.

2 Days of Freedom video release

Followed by... Both Events, which are equal to 2 Days of Freedom and UOX Play with 15%. Nobody can't resist the power of Steve Aoki... and experiencing Ferry Corsten and Markus Schulz! I'm pretty pissed when I heard both events are clashing. At least last year's 2 Days of Freedom was two weeks before XLive party...

UOX PLAY FUTURE event got the least number of vote which equals to 10%. I believe the number of attendees will be just nice to occupy Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena. The Dim Mak family will surely gonna put the place on FIYAH!!! Do the Woop-Woop, Aoki!

UOX Play Future video release

I might be attending both events. If I have the cash.. hehehe :)
Don't forget to say "HI" if you see me, aaite?

The End