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AFTER PARTY: Speedzone pres Cosmic Gate @ Zouk KL (5/3/2010)

The Story Begins...

Before I start this post, shall we count the number of Cosmic Gate's appearance in Malaysia?
Merdeka party, Massive Worldwide, Freedom and Zouk... Oh! That is FOUR!

Their set in Zouk was more or less bringing the same experience that I had at Freedom, PD. I was high, natural high (without any substance), with the melody and euphoric beats. I enjoyed it very much but some of my friends said they were not good enough. How good is good? In my opinion, Cosmic Gate set was way better than the previous Trance event at Zouk - Markus Schulz. Oh well, one man's poison is another man's drink.

Anyway, the mainroom was packed to the brim by 11.30PM. DJ Fono was really, really good at warming the floor and I love his vocal tunes selection.

Party animals went wilder than ever as soon as Nic and Bossi stood behind the decks. I couldn't move at all and there was no space at the front of the console. Surprised to see the usual party crowds hanged at the back though. That includes me.

Overall, I find the music was good. Thanks to everyone who fed me with drinks that night.

The End