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AFTER PARTY: DJ Chuckie @ Zouk KL (5/2/2010)

The Story Begins...

I realised this story is kinda late to be posted here but nahhh... There's not really much to say about this DJ. The set was good but not the best (cuz I've seen better).

"Let the Bass Kick" was stuck on repeat but this dude knows how to hype up the crowd. Good job though... His live mixing-slash-scratching skills are undoubtedly awesome. Hands down but it was just too much of repetitive. Let the Bass Kick, and then I'm in Miami Bitch Remix.... Oh, then he played Turn Up the Bass. Cool... and back to Let the Bass Kick... With a bit of MC.

I guess that was what the crowd wanted. Everyone went wild every time he drop the tune.

I still enjoyed the set.

The End