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BLOG THING: Top 5 Favorite Placebo's Tracks

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It's midnight and I just felt like listing down 5 of my favorite Placebo's tracks. Well there's more but I only want to focus on the first five of my favorites. FYI, Placebo is already touch-down in KL earlier today (according to a reliable source) and I am so looking forward for the concert this Tuesday at KL Live. Gotta get down with a checklist before the concert. Ticket, check! Camera, check!

The reason why I like Placebo is obviously the lyrics. There is something about it which makes it too special. Listening to the live version at Angkor Wat (2008) got me close to tears.

So here are my top 5 favorite Placebo's tracks!

1. Teenage Angst

From their debut album (and my current Blackberry ringtone), I think this song is very sublime. This song is definitely on top of my list. Most relates the song to depressed teenager, drugs, escapism, and fear of conforming to society. Whatever it is, this track is absolutely brilliant!
"Since I was born I started to decay. Now nothing ever - ever goes my way."

As we are born, we started to aging and ready for death.

2. Hong Kong Farewell

It's a secret hidden track, also from their debut album. No lyrics. Purely beautiful guitar riffs and piano. Whenever I listen to this song, I feel calm. The drumbeats complements the emotion of the song.

3. Pure Morning

This song is totally reminding me of my friends. The first line of the song grabbed my attention, "A friend in need is a friend indeed, a friend with weed is better". The song is about celebrating friendship... or about a friend who thought she was pregnant and "passed the test"? Great tune, weird lyrics and yet, another Placebo classic!

4. Follow the Cops Back Home

My favorite song off Meds. According to Brian (the vocalist), the song was inspired during his visit to Iceland and it was the 24-hour sun period. The crime rates are so low there that there are hardly any police. So what are the teenagers do in terms of crime? Follow the cops back home and rob their houses? Indeed, this is another meaningful song from Placebo.

5. Because I Want You

Ah, love this song a lot. It's like a medicine of a broken heart. The way he sings "Because I want you" repeatedly is interpreted as very sincere, IMO. Very beautiful track. Take a listen, you'll understand what I mean.

I really can't wait to see them live in KL. I will be there by myself so if you bump into me, don't forget to say hi!

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  1. Elly Rocker said...:

    seriously.. i cried when sing a long the infra red song. damn.. i want more placebo :(