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BLOG THING: Muzika Musim Luruh '10

The Story Begins...

Malaysian youth across Australia will reunited in one band competition - Muzika Musim Luruh which will be held in Melbourne, April 7. Up to 500 musically-inclined Malaysian youth residing in Australia are expected to band together for the third installment of the event.

For your information, Muzika Musim Luruh is a platform for Malaysian youth studying or living in Australia to share their music with one another in a wider scope by inviting participants from all over the country.

In this episode of Muzika Musim Luruh, homegrown Malaysian musicians - Liyana Fizi, Hujan, The Pilgrims, Kugiran D'Tepi Pantai, Aru (Koffin Kanser) and Bo's Bedroom Sanctuary - will be making a special live performance as well.

For more details regarding the event, check out www.muzikamelbourne.com

The End