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BLOG THING: Guilty Pleasure

The Story Begins...

Alright, I admit! I was at the Boys Like Girls concert in January! I hate them but I have to admit, their songs are extremely addictive. I could almost memorise every songs from the first album but their new stuffs suck. Big time.

I was at the front line and manage to take this photo. Adli at BLG? Epic FAIL!

So I was at the concert. Singing to the brain-damaging song, Love Drunk:
"I used to be love drunk
But now I'm hungover
Love is forever
Forever is over"

I mean, seriously, what the fuck is wrong with the lyrics? and yet, I sang to it.

"Who cares about them? Let's take a photo together like what most bloggers do; CAMWHORE!"

I caught Didi nodded her head to their music and I screamed at her, "OMG, I SAW THAT!!" and found Reta who said, "I'm only here for the beer!"

Love'em or hate'em, Boys Like Girls is making big bucks from us. I kinda like some of their songs too. FYI, I did enjoy looking at screaming fan-girls.

Ermmm... For the million Dollar question, "Does Paul loves you?"

P/s: I have the CD in my car. Oh, FML.

The End