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BLOG THING: Do I Look Stupid?

The Story Begins...

Hey guys.

I've just found a video posted by an EDM blogger and also a friend of mine, Mr. CoolerFuzz recorded at the recent Adidas House Party. Gosh. I realized that I look stupid on the dance floor.

Frankly, I could not stop myself from jumping and pumping my fist up whenever any Crookers track was played.

2:47 - I wasn't high. Thanks Dhaima for joining me. HAHAHAH!

Urghhhhhh... Fuck it. I wanna jump again! Join me at Sunburst this Saturday!

p/s: The morning after Adidas party, the lecturer screamed at me for being late to the faculty program. hahaha. Kaki saya cram la puan.... (pasal melompat)
The End


  1. Fuzz said...:

    Wer got stupid.

    That is HIGH on electro man!

    I jump like mukeys too to my fav songs.


    Lets go jumping-jumping again