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AFTER PARTY: Chivas live with Chivalry pres. Seb Fontaine @ Euphoria (6/3/2009)

The Story Begins...

A week ago, Chivas threw us a party at Euphoria with free flows of its signature drink and numbers of DJ with a diversity of Electronic Dance Music.

The event kicked off at 10pm showcasing a music experimental with DJ Blink. The music integration was pretty awesome by combining electronic dance music with the guitar riffs, violins and percussions followed by the capoeira demonstration in Didjital's hard-trance tunes. Kinda cool to see the movements together in a music.

Of course, the finest tech-house DJ from UK, Seb Fontaine was down to rock the crowd after resident DJ, Victor G warmed up the floor.

Many people were there but it didn't packed up Euphoria. Spacious for me to dance but the environment was kinda gloomy. :(

Owh, the podium dancers were great!

Check out the photos below.

The End


  1. RiRa said...:

    still partying i see.lol