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ADVANCE WARNING: Recharge Freeze The Moment @ KL / Penang / JB

The Story Begins...

Recharge Freeze The Moment


Blanc (KL)
32 Mansion (Penang)
JB Discovery (JB)

Organ Donors (UK)
Bass Agents (MY)
Terrence C (MY)
DJ Evo (MY)

20th March - Blanc KL (Aly & Fila - DJ Evo)
21st March - 32 Mansion, Penang (Aly & Fila - Terrence C)
27th March - JB Discovery, JB (Organ Donors - Bass Agents)

KL - Free entry before midnight
Penang - Free entry all night long
JB - Free entry all night long

Oh wow! Prepare for another storm because Aly & Fila hits our shore again!
Most of us had saw them at Zouk for Klubbers.net party last year (FYI, only Fila was there) and no one should say no to this Recharge party. Yeah? Recharge was in hiatus for 2 years and now they're back for more action!

Cover charge? pfft... read again! it's free!

Check out our local home boys too; DJ Evo, Terrence C and Bass Agents.
Plus, chances to win exclusive gifts such as Wii and Ipod at the event. It could be yours, man!

Why hesitate? Grab your dancing shoes and shine the dance floor at Recharge party near you!

For more info, log on to www.rechargeroom.com

Photo Source:
MASH (photo belongs to DJ Evo)

Info Source:
MASH / Facebook

Adli Syahril says: Sorry DJ Evo! I would love to catch your gig but I have to go to Melaka. Please record your set!

The End