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AFTER PARTY: Sunburst KL Music Festival @ Kiara Equestrian Park (21/3/2009)

The Story Begins...

Holy shit mother of god! I'm gonna say this year's Sunburst is better and the performers are totally badass!

What a trip I had for the day! I went to Melaka in the morning and drove straight to Kiara on the same day. Crazy fuck.

We got there around 5pm and parking was a big hassle for us as we had to make a u-turn to park on the other side of the highway. Believe me. There is no such thing as proper parking space for any concert in Kiara Equestrian Park. Everyone have to park at the roadside. :P

I bumped into Fuzz and Dhaima outside the venue. They sold their tickets because they want to attend the Epic Tribe party at CapSquare. Oh man, cannot party with you guys at the Sunburst. :(

I was very surprised to see thousands of people have already spreading around the stages as early as 5pm. The main stages (Sky & Sun stage), the Tuborg stage and also the Livesound stage were also filled with crowd already. Not to forget, the Silent Disco arena was totally rocking. We had to line up for quite a long time to get the headphone though.

The Silent Disco arena was already packed with people before 6pm!

What else?

We managed to see the Otherside Orchestra (one of my favorite local act) but only at their very last song. Oh man, what a heartbreak! Later, we found that Cosmic Kitchen played good tunes at the main stage. The vocalist wore a Kebaya and Batik, and performing a set of jazzy, funk and reggae-ish music. We were totally enjoying and dancing with their music. I don't mind to pay a hundred bucks to catch their show if they are doing a one-band tour here.

The Otherside Orchestra rocking the Livesounds stage.

Cosmic Kitchen playing good tunes of Jazz, Reggae and Funk.

Estranged performed on the next stage after Cosmic Kitchen ended their set. Surprisingly, Estranged have improved a lot in their stage performance. From my on point of view, their showmanship have become better but I didn't bother to go near to the stage because....


The crowd at Estranged performance

Right after Estranged done singing Velocity (or was it Yang Pernah?), NIDJI came up on to the stage. The vocalist, Giring, picked up the drumstick and hit the drum with full energy to live up the crowd. "APA KHABAR SUNBURST 2009?" He screamed and made the whole crowd go bananas!

Giring of Nidji performing on stage

It was so beautiful when they did "Sudah" whereby everyone sang together and the whole environment sound so peace and harmony. One word, BEAUTIFUL!

You can see the ocean of people waving hands and dancing while singing along to "Laskar Pelangi", a song dedicated to the kids of gaza and all unfortunate people. Believe me, it was beautiful. I think I can cry watching their show but I hold it. I guess the songs are very personal to me. I was too crazy for them even I couldn't stop myself from singing till the end of their performance.

The band (Nidji)

We went to the Tuborg stage after it ended and I was totally blew away by Arabyrd's (Arafah) performance. It was so good and made everyone wanted to dance with her!

She brought in the marching band and caused major chaos in the arena! WOOOOHHHOOOO! We loved it a lot! She did her freestyle rap along with the DJ and climb up the stage barrier and the lightings stand. Whoah! She is one hell of a performer.

Arafah with the DJ and the band

The same energy brought by Agrikulture on the main stage but unfortunately, many were standing at the otherside of the stage to catch N.E.R.D's show. Yeah, Agrikulture was fucking crazy playing "Gosip" and "Disko Di Rumah". My cup of tea. Something like Shitdisco-ish in Indonesian style. Brilliant! At the half of their show, Fandy (the vocalist) took off his pants and performed with his boxer all the way.

Fandy of Agrikulture

After the crazy performance and jumping like monkeys, N.E.R.D. came on stage and made the crowd went full throttle!

As said by Pharrell, "I wanna see all Malaysian people moshpits on all over the crowd tonight!"

NERD live on stage

OWH MY GAWD! You've made all the girls sitting on top of their boyfriends, more than 6 crowd surfings at a time and moshpits in a hip-hop show! Now that is a revolution in a hip-hop history.

"All the girls standing in the line for the bathroom!"

Pharrell picked some boys in the crowd to join N.E.R.D rocking the stage during "Rockstar" and "Popcorn", and plenty dozens of hot-damn girlz shaking that booty for "Everybody Nose" and "She Wants To Move" to close their performance. I bet everybody else envied them for standing behind the group. The show was halted quite a few times due to a crowd fight. I heard something like a photographer pushed the crowd so that he can go in front. Pharrell gave him a bit of cruel advise. Whoah. I believe he (the photographer) will hate them for the rest of his live. Hahah!

After the show end, everyone rushed to the KoRn's stage. The show was delayed for a few minutes and KoRn came up on stage kicked it off with "Right Now" followed by "ADIDAS". Everyone screamed the words, "ALL DAY I DREAM ABOUT SEX" when Jon Davis pointed the mic to the crowd.


Jon Davis wore his black sleeveless shirt, black skirt and black socks with his black shoes picked his bagpipe at the back and played it to the crowd before he continued to the next song. I thought he was about to played "Shoots & Ladders" but he didn't. :(

Jon Davis playing the bagpipe

KoRn dropped most of their classic tracks such as Freak on a Leash, Falling Away From Me and Faggots. Some present tracks like Did My Time and Coming Undone were played too. Encore tracks were Blind, Somebody Someone and Got The Life.

Wow. Their performance were absolutely rocking the shit out of me. Everyone went wild as soon as the encore song, Blind, started and I couldn't stop from headbang and sing along.

Trust me. I believe everyone couldn't stop from talking about KoRn & N.E.R.D's performance.

This is what KoRn had said in KoRn Underground website:
"I've been wanting to play KL or Singapore for the longest time, man. And it's going to be a special show in KL because we've taken the longest break ever in our entire career and we haven't played live in the last 10 months, so it's going to be really special."

Malaysians, we are very lucky to have them!

Jon Davis waved goodbye

Kudos to Pineapple for throwing us such great event. We believe in you. In my opinion, this year's Sunburst has a better production set up compared to last year.

Now please fulfill our wish to see Rihanna in action!


Check out the photos.

Cam-whoring at Junk booth

Met Josh Lim at the Silent Disco arena

Disturbing Afro!

They couldn't believe their eyes! It's N.E.R.D!

While enjoying Twilight Actiongirl

We converted to be the Agrikulture fan


Ok guys, done with Sunburst! Now back to reality.

For more photos, please click here

The End


  1. karheng said...:

    Actually, Pharrell was scolding the security guards who were pushing all of us (photogs) and fans who got past the barrier aside...as it was getting a bit unruly in the area designated for photographers..

    He did also say, Enough is simply Not Enough...remember?


    View my blog for more pix.=P

  1. Fuzz said...:

    Hey, we met the advertlet dude too. He saw the banner. hahaha.

    Looks like a whole lot of fun.

    Rase rugi x masuk.

    Well, there'll always be the next concert, the next party and so on...

    Baru end of MARCH babe!

    9 months to go.


  1. Unknown said...:

    yeahhh! still got lots of party and events within this year. sabar je :)