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AFTER PARTY: Hed Kandi pres. Chris B and Lady Victoria @ Euphoria by Ministry of Sound (28/3/2009)

The Story Begins...

Euphoria once again blow us all with another series of kick-ass party, Hed Kandi. Chris B got hold of the deck alongside with Lady Victoria on Sax (who were here for the first Hed Kandi).

The venue was a bit dull at the beginning of the set but the crowd began to fill the dance floor after the clock ticked at 1am with the high noted track "Destination Calabria" by Alex Gaudino. Lady Victoria played her sax simultaneously with the song beat and made the crowd went bananas. Who doesn't love the track?

... and they gave us full blast from there without letting us walk away from the dance floor as Chris B played lots of everyone's favorite house track from the 90's till present.

The cover charge was very pricey. House lovers will need to fork out RM70 from their wallet to attend Hed Kandi event.

I think Euphoria should bring in any Top 100 DJ. A very big venue should bring big DJ names in the scene.



The End


  1. duncalina said...:

    heyy..u were at Hed Kandi event too??
    Thought i saw u near the stage..but i dont if that was u..if im not mistaken..u were wearing blue shirt? lol..
    anyway..Hed Kandi event was a blastt!! =)

  1. Unknown said...:

    hello duncalina.

    yes i was the guy in blue shirt. hehehehe.

    good to hear that u had a blast!
    me too! hahaha