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Euphoria by Ministry of Sound

The Story Begins...

Read the title!
Wondering when is it going to be open?
Some rumors said the corporate launch was on the 13th June with Pete Tong or some other MoS DJ like Judge Jules gonna cut the ribbon. Public launch on the 15th and whatsoever.

So here it is guys.
The people from Euphoria have sent me an e-mail to answer your curiosity!

Hi there,

Thank you for your interest in Euphoria by Ministry of Sound. Our opening is on 2nd of July and it's open to public. For information on other nights,

Wednesday 2nd July
Theme: Milkshake
Music: An Urban Clash. NY,LA, KL and Miami Rap, Krunk, Hip-Hop, Baltimore, Reggaeton and Grime.

Thursday 3rd July
Theme: Mixtape
Music: Open Format is just that, Djs mixing any styles together. Nu Rave, Hip-Hop, House and Rock. A fusion that is fresh...Yet strangely familiar.

Friday 4th July
Theme: Move
Music: Harder, Faster, Darker...A voyage into the dark side of the 4:4 beat, House, Minimal, Prog, Techno, Trance and London's latest groove - Bassline.

Saturday 5th July
Theme: Electro Ballroom
Music: A sophisticated Saturday night partycrowd that want the friendlier side of house. Anticipate anything from the present day favorite, Electro, to the resurgent Jackin'House sound.

Door Charges:-
Wednesday, Thursday - RM40
Friday, Saturday - RM50
(Door Charges include 1 drink)

For more information, you can always call us @ 03-7495 1788

Thank you.

The Management

Need more info?
It's online now and you can register yourself as the member of Euphoria!

The End


  1. Fuzz said...:

    already rsvp for euphoria a soon as i got their email

    n thanks for the heads up on the club thing.

    shitdisco n Justice shud be good.

    bond sucked big time.bout time for change. also theres a club soon to be opened in between public bank n british council.

    should be good competition for zouk. wut dya think?

  1. Unknown said...:

    hahah! i think it's time for zouk to improve as they are facing more challengers now.