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Rock on Rave @ Cineleisure rooftop

The Story Begins...

I decided to attend Rock on Rave a day before the event and I didn't plan to attend for both days.
Thank god.

First of all, I think the event was clashing with other big events. Summer Splash at Sunway Lagoon. I heard the event was damn packed! It took 2 hours to get to the pool from the ticket counter. Good bands performing at the party too such as Bittersweet and Couple. Another event was held on the same day also was Indie Fest at Ruums KL, offering better bands with cheaper price compared to Rock On Rave. Of course, The Click Five came to Malaysia on the same night too. Maybe their "music" is different but hey, it's still an event!

I was expecting something big from Rock On Rave! I thought that it would be a good substitute for Rock the World after I read the description in their Myspace;

"ROCKONRAVE: the brainchild of iseekmusic entertainment, will be Malaysia's first non stop music festival. Following the footsteps of music festivals in the western region; ROCKONRAVE boasts 2 giant stages facing each other on top of Cineleisure Damansara's rooftop, laser effects, rave like lighting, stunning visuals from Perezoldschool, hence the name ROCKONRAVE. "
There was only one cheap wedding stage. Oh and 2 cheap canopies.
I am so disappointed.

The soundsystem was pretty bad but they did a good job on lightings. Owh, security was good. You can see them everywhere to control the event. Oh ya, what kind of event set up their security bars in front of the stage after 5 bands performed?

I think Republic of Brickfields, The Otherside Orchestra, Furniture and Komplot did rocked the crowd! They are the best among all! wohhoooo! Butterfingers... hmm, pretty decent. They played their old materials.

As for the DJ set, Shaheed Naz's set was really good. The beats & sounds of electroclash can never fail me to dance. Followed by Twilight Actiongirl dropping the Postal Service's Such Great Heights and made the crowd go "wohooo!". After 10 minutes, the organizer (Farez kot) made an announcement that they had to shut down the party due to complaints from i-don't-know-who.

Yes. I've got pissed!

Check out the photos below

The RM30 ticket...

You enter the venue with this type of wristband?

Look at the stage.

Republic of Brickfields! Love'em!

Overall, the music was good but a less effort event management. It can be improve by putting more effort on the details. Hope to see a better Rock On Rave because I can see its potential.

Adli Syahril says: Try and get thousands of sponsors and make it a free event for the first trial like what Rock the World did for its first installment at One Utama's rooftop!

Read Fareezan's blog for his review of Rock On Rave.

p/s: I'm so sorry. I hate to criticize but I had to.

The End


  1. Fuzz said...:

    alamak, y u din put d JUICE ANNIVERSARY event on ur blog.

    Wus busy these pass few days, opend mash jus now n saw u post the event there.

    shud put it up man, Juice anniversaries r a must go!

    Party on.

  1. Fuzz said...:

    bout rock n rave...

    cant expect much for for what u pay coz with that many artist, equipment and budget for everytin etc, plus not muc sponsor...hav to make do wit wut u can get la.kan biase in the biz.

    sumtime u plan,get sponsor then back out or dah sign mou pun ble cancel, conflict of interest bla bla bla.susah keje nie when the industry is still based of friend or foe and last minute ordeals.

    my bithday so i x pergi (nanti check birthday post kat my blog soon).

    i also heard *gossip* lack of sponsors coz kurang terer pitch the event to the sponsor.mamak rumour je kot, not confirm.

    chill man. u gotta c more of our underground rock scene. u c mo 1st then u kno la how.its gettin better.

    so far nutin has beaten rock the world (dah xder dah...sad)

    atleast u x suffer kat sunway. i saw pix from fren who went, the crowd beratur cam org rioting.


    try urbanescape, maybe better (end of month)

    alex morph shud lighten up ur month.

    party on dude.

  1. Unknown said...:

    hahaha. nanti i letak.
    anyway, get the latest Junk magazine!
    my first article! heheheh. :P

  1. Fuzz said...:

    im getting the junk asap!