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P Ramlee lives again!?

The Story Begins...

Hey ya, guys!
Wondering why P Ramlee lives again?

It's the P Ramlee Musical season 2, you idiot!
The awesome play i have ever seen on stage!
And guess what?
It's my second time watching the play!

The tickets

The drawing on the right is worth 10k!

Yeah, it's true!
Kinda addicted to it.
If Tiara ever producing it again next year, don't be surprise to see me as the first person to get the tickets.

For the second season, I bought the tickets on the second day of its selling. *WHOAH! GILA SEMANGAT!*
Last year, my mum made her decision at the last minute and we got the top tier seating. Kinda far from our view but we did enjoyed it. So we didn't want to repeat the same mistake again. This year, we got our tickets 2 months in advanced! hahahah. 2nd of April to be exact.

You can read my post on the first season review here. *thanks Chedd for the comment!*

Unfortunately, the photos in the post has gone because i took it from another source. I guess the link has been removed! Sorry. :(

Anyway, let me point out my favorites.

1. Chedd has always been my favorite Sukardi character! :D

2. How can i forget the train scene to Tanjong Pagar? Loves it!

3. Emelda Rosmila proved me wrong! I love her acting and she sings very well too. She brought Azizah's character alive! *compared to Siti... hehehe*

4. Norizan's character. whoah... Melissa Saila's vocal has improved. I'm impressed. She sings very well. :D

5. Atilia. I love your vocal. The singing in the studio is always my favorite.

6. LIZA HANIM! I enjoy your character better this time. WHY? You look really beautiful and you act better compared to the first season. I see you as Saloma this time.

7. Musly Ramlee, you're the bomb! You brought P Ramlee ALIVE ON STAGE, man!

Hats off to the greatest production in the world! Enfiniti, well done.
I love the sets, costumes, songs, dance moves... everything about it.

It was a whole different experience eventhough some parts of the first season was taken off.

Would like to see some of the scenes? So let's check'em out. *source: Malaysia Central*

Saloma & P Ramlee dating!

Great moves! Performing the Penang song.

Azizah & P Ramlee. Before his journey to Tanjong Pagar.

Sukardi invited everyone to party in Penang!

Resting at Tanjong Pagar station.

Junaidah with the girls trying to attract P Ramlee's attention. hahah. funny.

The Shaw Brothers, P Ramlee and Norizan at the New World.

One of my favorite scene. When Remy meet Sally at the studio.

Bravo, guys!

Owh man... I can't wait on the next Tiara's project. (Kalau ada la!) hehehe

So those who is still missing out the play, get your tickets now while it's still available!

Oh last one! I took the chance for a photo with Tiara! :D


source: Malaysia Central

The End.


  1. NilzaSaza said...:

    Setelah berkoyan2 peringatan dan nasihat..

    Maaf menanti maaf..

    Dosa menanti taubat..

    Kita kembali bicara tentang ..


    Semoga 'kita semua' mendapat hidayat!