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Live & Loud KL @ Stadium Negara (R&B Night)

The Story Begins...

The clock ticked at 4pm yesterday.
I was just finish watching Hitman with my friends in Mid Valley and then I received an SMS from Nisa, "Adli, Nisa ada extra ticket pergi Live & Loud. Nak tak?"
So, I agreed to follow her...


I was cranky because I really wanted to see K-Ci & Jojo.
"All My Life" was like my best hit when it was 1998.
The lyrics is still fresh in my mind up to now.

We (me, Nisa & Zack) entered Stadium Negara at 9pm. Taufik Batisah was performing that time. Our ticket was the Season Pass (a pass that can enter 2 nights of concert) and we have to sit at the most cheapest seat in the stadium. (DARN!!!)

During Lil G's performance, we were allowed to enter the RM192's seating but later on we went to the toilet. We realized that there were no one guarding the expensive seatings and the standing arena. So, we sneaked in to the standing arena and we survived! Yay!

Mint Condition was awesome. They know how to make the crowd SCREAMMMM!

By 12am, K-Ci & Jojo came on stage!
It was fabulous!
I love their performance.
10 years ago, I could only watch them on Billboard in TV3 but now, I can see them right in front of my eyes!

K-Ci was too cranky that night.
He took off his clothes one by one.
He ripped off his undershirt (a singlet) and threw it to the crowd.
He did a booty thingy to 10 girls.
It was so funny.
Alrite, we were quite disturbed when he played with his crotch while performing.
Not only that, he even did the "stroking" action, in and out.

K-Ci and Jojo sang Crazy, Tell Me It's Real & All My Life.
Well, I'm not really an R&B fan. So I only know those 3 tracks.

The concert was my first ever R&B concert in my life!
I didn't go for the Alicia Keys and Boyz II Men's concert.
So this is my first experience.
In fact, we were dancing through those soulful R&B songs.
Hey, they are not those pop R&B-ish like Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Akon.

The show finished at 2am.
I got home at 3.30am

Thanks to Nisa once again for the ticket :)

Here are the photos of the concert.

Nisa and Zack


Stockly of Mint Condition.

Waiting for K-Ci and Jojo! :P
*Adli in his new Billabong shirt*

K-Ci and Jojo on stage

K-Ci ripped of his shirt

Shake ya ass!

K-Ci came down the stage

The encore; All My Life

The End


  1. Afiqah said...:

    K-ci did the stroking thingy?
    hoho malaysians are more open minded nowadays.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    pergh gile best..hehehehe

  1. Unknown said...:

    yee-haw! whitney houston tonight!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Yo Mr Adli. Event update!

    DJ Nick Riley, Andi Durrant (and Judge Jules unconfirmed) will be playing at Sunway Lagoon on New Year's Eve. Countdownjam dude!

    Pass the word around to all the Dance Kaki's!

    If you hear of anything else (other performers, time etc) let me know ait. you have my email add. Jumpa kat sana!

  1. Unknown said...:

    OMG, seriously?
    are you sure?

    anyway, i'm wondering who you are.
    Do you mind introducing yourself?


  1. Anonymous said...:

    uwawawawaw.. beshnyer.... i wish i have some extra money to go there.. huhuh

  1. Unknown said...:

    Multiply kaki la. I checked on facebook and read an announcement in fighters club.

    once in a while i check your posts, mana tau kan, ada up-and-coming gigs/events. Just a heads up, aku pun tak tau details yet.

  1. Unknown said...:

    owh alrite. thanks man for checking out my blog. i have a question, the next coming rave is called countdownjam, is it?

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Your guess is as good as mine dude.

    I 'm just hoping to celebrate NYE with my best mates and great outdoor music.

  1. Unknown said...:

    great! thanks for the info, mate! :)

    do check my post from time to time, aaite :)