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Chicago The Musical

The Story Begins...

"Ladies & Gentlemen, you're about to see murder, greed, corruption, violence, exploitation, adultery and treachery. All the things that we hold near and dear to our hearts."

The introduction and also the first statement from the most popular and thrilling smash-hit musical broadway, Chicago.

Chicago the Musical, winners of 6 Tony Awards, is currently hit Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre until this weekend.

Well, I did get the chance to watch the show... Thanks to my aunt, Nisa Ismail (she is featured in FEMALE magazine this month), Hanim (Her friend and I did her nails before) and her boyfriend (I forgot his name but I think he is the executive for Celcom's international roaming). It was the night for Celcom's launching thingy which I don't know a thing. Everybody was wearing formal attire with suits, leather shoes and a tie. SHITE, I was the only person with a shirt from Seed, jeans from Renoma and a Crocs sandal. WHAT? CROCS....

I was so embarrassed when one of my aunt's friends, Nik (one of the top people in Astro RIA's management) noticed my shoe. All that I can do was laughing inside me! hahahaha... "Fuh, pakai Crocs pon boleh?"
How can I forget that statement?

Let's talk about the play...

1. I love the dance moves

2. I love the act

3. I love the plot

4. The ending is not the same like the movie

5. The singing was WOW! Marvelous.

6. Roxie Hart's character was so cheeky. She seemed bimbo compared to the movie. I won't say naive... She wouldn't kill someone or commit adultery if she's naive. So, bimbo would be the right word.

7. Velma Kelly... I love her character! Both in movie and the play. The arrogant, desperate lady who's in rival with Roxie Hart.

8. My favorite part is where one of the prison-mate is convicted and she was sentenced to death. Her only english word in that play was "NOT GUILTY". hehehe...

9. The part where Roxy Hart become a puppet also was good. :) Same as the movie.

Overall, I would say the show was fine. Not too great. Not too awesome. There were some technical problems during the play but the show was still fine to me :)
I love the songs too... All That Jazz, Cell Block Tango, and Razzle Dazzle.

The crowd that came for that night... Mostly foreigners, rich-ass people and it seemed too upper class for me compared to Istana Budaya. Well, you still can see middle range people in IB but KL Convention Centre is like a palace for rich-ass people. hahaha
No offense but theater is for everyone.

Whatever it is... It is still great to have the chance to witness one of the best play from broadway in Malaysia!

The End


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