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FLY FM 2nd Anniversary Party @ Central Park Avenue, One Utama.

The Story Begins...

The Fly FM 2nd Anniversary Party!

It was one hell of a great party.
Hip-hop, pop, rock and trance.
All in one night.

I went there with my friends.
Fad, Azhar, Adam, Faridah, Amalyna, Abdullah (we described him as Dollah hitam so that we are not confuse him with Lah), and Adam's friend which I can't recall his name.

We got out of the house at 8pm, picked up some friends and we got there by 9pm.
Azhar drove his MPV and Abdullah drove his MyVi. Hey, it's the first time I hang out with Abdullah.

Alrite, Ahli Fiqir was performing when we got there. Well, I didn't bother at all because I was busy searching for people who kept sms-ing me asking "Where are you?" and my credit gone down to ZERO :(

Pity Juliana.
She had to go back early because her mother was worried of her especially after she received an SMS regarding the riot. So she went back with her sister and friends by 9.30pm.

I went back into the big oceans of crowd. Yeah!!!
Meet Uncle Ganja... oops, Meet Uncle Hussain on stage doing the "La La La Kerjalah" and "Lagu Untukmu".

And then,
When Noh said "Check, Check", we shouted "ROCK! ROCK!"
Hujan played Aku Skandal (Meninggalkanku Sendiri), MOSPAEDA (Lonely Soldier Boys), Pagi Yang Gelap and ended with Empayarmu. We were singing through their songs, jumping like monkeys and throwing fist in the air. Everybody went crazy! Even the fireworks were crazy too! hahahaha...

Hujan went off from the stage.
Transient Vortex came up and warm us up with their drum & bass, and breakbeat tunes. They even played the remix version of the 80's Shout by Tears For Fears. I became crazy with that tune. hahah! "SHOUT! SHOUT! Let it all out! These are the things I can do without! Come on! I'm talking to you, COME ON!"

Later on,
Jungle Jerry hit us all with his trance and progressive tunes. He played some familiar tunes such as RHCP's Otherside, Killers' Somebody Told Me and Fedde Le Grand's Put Your Hands Up For Detroit before Bass Agents pumping the stereos with more harder sounds of Tech-Trance and Hard-Trance.

This time,
only Didjital and Ganjaguru spin the deck for Bass Agents and Xt-Acid become their photographer! Hahahaha.
The first track was Baxx (their theme song). BAXX! BAXX! BAXX! BASS AGENTS.... (dang, dang, dang, dang). And then, they played Superstar DJ by Dark Oscillators and also Ganjaguru's Annihilating Rhythm. The crowd wanted more and they did an encore (encore la sangat...) with Cruz And The White tune entitled "Make It Faster". It's the hard-trance version of Daft Punk's Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.

The set was short but it was really good!
I love the whole party thingy.
Good crowd.
It was great seeing many people dance to the beat.
I mean, people are actually dancing instead of shuffling.
Well, there are still shuffling kids at the side but many just "dance" in front of the stage.

Hmm, who did I met that night?
Khaleeq Sarfaraz and Faris (his friend who studied in UiTM Sabah). I assume they just came for Bass Agents. Faris statement to me "Kalau ada party, ko mesti ada kan?" hahahaha. No comment. It's the year of Visit Malaysia 2007. Of course, I won't miss any outdoor party! Call me crazy but it's true. :P

Aisyah and An. They came together from Baiduri Apartment section 7. We partied together with their college-mates and we sent both of them back home.

Anis, Julie, Joanne, their indian friend, Syafiq and his friend. I can't remember their name... Shit! I'm bad with names :P
They went to see a movie and partied with us later. But Julie and her party-mates had to go back early due to the reason given earlier in this post.

Erwan and the girlfriend.
Yeah, the world class photographer and the girlfriend played a fool of me! hahahha funny!

OMG, the whole Alam Megah shuffling clan but I only managed to say hi to Shuznain cuz he was walking towards us at that time. Others were crazy shuffling with the "RESISTANCE IS FUTILE" gang, the Hardstyle Republic. He hugged me and whispered to me, "KO JAHAT EK, ADLI!" I was laughing like crazy. Dude, Who's jahat now?

Oh ya, not to forget... Linda from Sri Aman. She did remembered me! :)
Good luck in your studies. hehehe (as if, she would read my crapshits.)

Zamy, Amalyna's brother. He has just pierce his lips. Was it for the event or what, young man?

Gosh, we really love the night!
Thanks to FlyFM for the great party!
Happy Birthday, Fly FM!


Hujan on stage

Meet Uncle Hussain!

The crowd

Me, Julie, Anis & Nisa

Hey there, ladies!

Hoi, boys! ROCK ON!

"please, i'm not a celebrity!"

Taman SEA kids.

Me, Dollah & Nisa

The Party Enthusiast & Dollah

The Party Enthusiast & Azhar

The old-timer party people! Me, Khaleeq & Faris

Nisa & Khaleeq looking good... :P

The fireworks

Me & Nisa. I'm sober!

Let's party with the Party Enthusiast!

p/s: Kesian ada sorang budak Alam Megah tuh... Masuk suratkhabar pasal kena tangkap ngan RELA after the party.

The End


  1. cik Waney said...:

    who who kene tangkap dgn RELA?

  1. Unknown said...:

    nanti aku tunuk kat ko dalam suratkhabar.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    hey there adli

    glad you had fun as much as we did playing our remixes and originals..

    thanks for the support.
    transient vortex

  1. Unknown said...:

    i'm hoping to see more of you guys soon.. :)