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Videos from Recharge Revelation5: Global Gathering

The Story Begins...

I've searched about the recent rave party on YouTube and I did found lots of videos of the recent Recharge Revelation5: Global Gathering. Let's watch'em... :)

Sander Van Doorn dropping Peter Gelderblom - Waiting For (A remix of Red Hot Chili Pepper)

This one is the video from the Pervert Designs kot.. hehehe

The visuals by Altered Image during Astro & Glyde's set.

Johan Gielen playing Falling by First State (Feat Anita Kelsey)

Johan Gielen set... Tiesto's Adagio For Strings tune.

Johan Gielen did his usual thing.. hehehe :P

Bass Agents with their Black Winter. Recharge was the first event that they played the song.

The End


  1. Anonymous said...:

    cool gile vids....weyh aku tukar address blog aku....link la yg br ni...x tukar mane pun...hanye aku tambah 's' di blkg write tu..hahahaha