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The Drum Connection

The Story Begins...

Drum Connection is a group consists of 4 drummers Dirk Erchinger, Enno Kuck, Jan-Peter Eckelmann and Max van der Rose. The founder of Drum Connection is Max van der Rose is the founder of Drum Connection in 1995. Since then Drum Connection has been on international stages of the club, event and industrialscene.

I've seen these guys on stage twice. The first one was in Sepang during Tiesto's PitParty for F1 last year. They were performing with Derb. It was very good. In fact, everybody started to enjoy them before Tiesto even came up on stage. The setup was great. The soundsystem was awesome. The drums were awesome too. They even had chainsaw as a part of their instruments during their gig in Malaysia.

Drum Connection on stage at the PitParty

Is that a part of your instruments too?

Banging the drums...

A video of them at the PitParty.

Their second performance in Malaysia was in Sunway Lagoon on the Merdeka Eve for MY Nation rave party. They performed alongside with DJ Phynn. They banged those drums for Prodigy's Smack My Bitch Up, Marco V's False Light and Phynn's Lucid.

Recently they have just released a new track called "KILO2ESSEN7". They first performed the song at the Loveparade 2007.
Here is the video:

Their performance is the performance that everyone in this world shouldn't miss!
If you're a fan of The Blue Man Group and Safri Duo, you surely will like this one!

The End