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Live & Loud KL @ Equestrian Park, Bukit Kiara (Turn On the Pop)

The Story Begins...

Last Saturday,
Matt sms-ed me saying that he has 5 tickets for the Turn On the Pop concert.
He asked me to be there before 7pm.
I got excited because the night before the concert, Me and Aizat was like "OMG, tomorrow is Whitney's concert and it's her comeback. Please god drop us some tickets."


So, the first person that I called was Aizat because he is a ballad/pop maniac.
And then I called Anis because she can't follow me to the My Chemical Romance concert.
I called Juliana and she was shouting on the phone because she has a family gathering/bonding to attend. And I called Khaleeq because he enjoys good artist and we love big event!

We got out of the house by 6.15pm and reached there roughly around 6.50pm. We got our tickets from Matt & Fazli and then we went to Burger King in Hartamas while waiting for Aizat to come.

The road was crazy!
People parked at the side of the highway all the way from Kiara to Hartamas. The National Science Centre's parking was full and everybody simply triple park at the roadside up to the housing area in Damansara Heights. Crazy.
We managed to double park. We saw Mahirah, she did triple! hahahaha.

We entered the concert around 9.00pm. At that time, local performers were on stage such as Jaclyn Victor, Lah (V.E.), Noryn Aziz, Mode (Ruffedge), Azan (Ruffedge), Nikki and Anuar Zain. They sang English songs like the improvise version of I Will Survive by Noryn Aziz, other familiar songs which I can't remember the title and ended the medley with That's What Friends Are For. It was quite tiring hearing them because they performed one-by-one, 3 rounds, medley. Pop and ballad is not my thing, actually.

Later on, Shaggy came on stage. Woahhh, that man was awesome! He brought down the house, baby! Oh well, same as the K-Ci & Jojo's concert, Shaggy did those booty thingy and explicit moves to the audience. He played with the microphone like his dick, put it inside his pants like it's already erected, asked the crowd to show off the middle finger. WTF? Can't believe it's happening here in Malaysia. Kinda disturbing but very enjoyable. Hahahahah! He sang the famous Boombastic, In the Summertime, Oh Carolina, It Wasn't Me, Angel, Hey Sexy Lady, Strength Of a Woman, and he sang his new song for the upcoming album. I'm not sure of the title. The best thing is, he brought his sidekick, Ricardo, the one who sang It Wasn't Me with Shaggy, and also Rayvon.

By 12.30am, Whitney Houston went on stage singing If I Told You That. Alrite, the band and her singing doesn't suit each other for the first song. Whitney changed her clothes twice for her one-hour-and-a-half show. She seemed "high" on stage. I mean that she even crapped to herself on stage, her pitch was out, not as what we were expected. Come on, we are expecting something memorable like the high voice, giving us crazy goosebumps and she didn't even reach her high notes. She sang My Love is Your Love with her daughter on stage. That was one of the best part of her performance :)

She sang If I Told You That, My Love is Your Love (with her daughter, Bobby Christina), Heartbreak Hotel, Exhale (Shoop Shoop), Medley of Saving All My Love For You, Greatest Love of All, All At Once and You Give Good Love, Step By Step, I Wanna Dance With Somebody, It's Not Right But It's Ok, How Will I Know, I Go to the Rock, I Believe In You and Me (2 verses) I Will Always Love You and I'm Every Woman as encore. 10 songs from Whitney Houston? Wow man, that's worth it. Seeing her singing 10 songs in Malaysia. No wonder the ticket cost RM260.

We missed the performance by Elliot Yamin & Project Pop :(

The overall concert was just ok... Like Whitney said, "it's not right but it's ok". hahaha....
Apa kena mengena?

Whatever it is, everybody enjoyed the show eventhough her singing was a bit turn-off.
The concert finished at 2am and we went to eat at Murni with Mahirah & her cousin. :)

Here are some photos of the concert (Taken from Aizat camera):

The ticket

the crowd

Noryn Aziz in full band

Jaclyn Victor

The back side of Shaggy

Shaggy & Ricardo singing It Wasn't Me

We * Us * Kami * Kitorang

The three "sisters"

Zarra & Shariman

Me & "Boy George" of Malaysia

A video of Whitney's performance. Eventhought it was not her best performance but it's still great!

Updated: A photo of Whitney Houston's performance taken from Mahirah's camera (photo taken by me)

p/s: More photos in my multiply

The End


  1. Shah said...:

    Patut la dia demand tak leh amik gambar or recording. Tak nak suara sumbang dia posted kat YouTube la rupanya. Too bad - for sure ramai akan post her so called come back on the internet.

  1. Unknown said...:

    Hello shah, thanks for reading my blog.
    Hahahaha... rasanya betol jugak ko cakap. Organizer tak dapat nak tangkap 10,000 camera yang ada kot. :P

    but it's a good comeback! hahaha :P

  1. Little Brat™ said...:

    dimanakah aku diwaktu itu?
    rugi seyh!!!