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Pop Shuvit's Freakshow Tour @ Ruums, KL

The Story Begins...

Hello everyone.
Yesterday was the Pop Shuvit's Freakshow Tour at Ruums Club in Kuala Lumpur.
Live acts by Stylustiks, Phlowtron, Ahli Fiqir, They Will Kill Us All, Bittersweet and Hujan (to name a few) did their performance before Pop Shuvit came up on stage.

Me, Faridah and Amy (The Party Enthusiast) went there with Fiqah, Khaleeq and Amal. We were lining up at the front to enter Ruums. It was quite a long wait. We reached the place around 5.40pm and we started to line up at 6.00pm. We were allowed to enter after 7 something but hey, it was a good wait to be the first 50 to get the goodie bag! :P

The early performance was by Stylustiks, Phlowtron, and Dandee by Silk Sounds (Thailand). Unfortunately, the crowd that came for the show mostly are not into hip-hop. Sorry to the organizer for saying this but we are expecting this show to be like a mini Rock The World (since the rumors has said that there won't be any Rock The World for this year... Is rock dead?)
As for me, I love Stylustiks a lot... Their scratching and mixes is really something different. From the first time I'd seen them on stage at Recharge Revel4tion, Laundry Bar night, Recharge Revelation5 Global Gathering and Freakshow Tour, I really think that they are the best hip-hop DJ in town.

Later, the rockstars did their time rocking the crowd! They Will Kill Us All, Bittersweet and Hujan. They Will Kill Us All was so good... Yeah, that is what the crowd wants! I missed the first half of They Will Kill Us All because I went for a drink downstairs (hey, it's cheaper... I wouldn't miss the first 10 minutes if the organizer would give us free flows! hahaha). After I came back, wow! The crowd has gone crazy! The mosh pit was awesome. Hahaha... As usual, Adli would go their and go crazy too! I love the Bright Lights :) Anyway, congratulations to you guys for winning the AMP Big Break.

After their performance, everybody was chanting "BITTERSWEET! BITTERSWEET! BITTERSWEET!" like zombies. At that time, Pijie was standing next to me... Hahahah! Kelakar giler time tu... I was like "what the fuck?" hahaha! So me and Khaleeq gave him a big pat on his back and shouted like crazy! Great performance, guys! It was one of my very enjoyable moment. We were skanking crazily for A Perfect Match and Capital E.

Bittersweet did great but nothing can make the crowd go any crazier without having HUJAN on stage!!! Rudy and JJ announced HUJAN and made everybody shout their lungs out! They were fucking awesome! Excuse my french but they were fucking good! Even fucking is not as fucking good as them. Everybody sang along. Jumping up and down. Moshing as hard as they can. And shockingly, a guy fainted during Hujan's performance. Not funny, people. I think he was on drugs. His teeth was biting his lips and his eyes went white. Anyway, Hujan performed Gundah, MOSPAEDA (or Lonely Soldier Boys), Aku Skandal (or Meninggalkan Ku Sendiri), Pagi Yang Gelap, Empayarmu and Ludah Amerika.

Alrite. Rudy & JJ announced after Hujan's performance that below 18 years old has to leave the club and then, GUESS WHAT?
ALMOST EVERYONE LEFT THE PLACE! The club left with a hundreds something from thousands of people. But whatta heck, we just want to have fun. Joe Flizzow came up doing his Kartelo hello thingy with CrazyCarleed of Phlowtron, Ahli Fiqir did great too. I love Mawar Berduri's outfit.

One Buck Short performed a few songs too like That Day and Kelibat Korupsi. And then, POP SHUVIT pon naik la stage :D

Pop Shuvit did great :)
I love their latest songs. Like I have mention before, "not the same old shits!"
Hahhaha... Sorry guys but I really love your new stuffs. :)
I really enjoy it a lot.
They performed Freakshow, Suara Kaki Lima, Wannabe (from their Japan album version), "pump up the stereo" (i'm not sure with the title) and Jump. It was awesome.
Oh well, eventhough Jump is an old stuff but seeing John of Nervewreck was great. And Jump is also their trademark-song. So, it is a must. Hehehhee... Their sets of songs were almostt he same as the one in Recharge. Jakeman & Skelator (Pardon me if my spelling is wrong) played the percussion for them.

From my own point of view,
I think that the show should start earlier because not many people can stay until after midnight.
We were informed that the Freakshow tour will start at 4.00pm. But we could only enter the premise at 7pm. Lots of people were there since 3pm. Hujan finished their performance around 10.30pm. Lepas tuh underage takleh stay after Hujan's performance. They should start earlier so that people can go back early too. Another thing, the crowd filled with clubbers who wants to party after 11.30pm. Hmmm... Organizer, do something! Don't repeat the same mistake for the next tour. BE PUNCTUAL! Even Rock The World allowed the people to enter the stadium one hour before the show start.

Anyway, here are some photos of the event.

The Party Enthusiast with Afiqah

Afiqah and Me

Khaleeq and Amal

Fiqah and Pijie of Bittersweet

They Will Kill Us All

Bodysurfing shot!



The Crowd!

My camera suck! I know...

P/s: I would like to say sorry to Afiqah for what had happen to you on that night. Hope that you'll feel better soon, k. Maybe it's the god's challenge. Insya-Allah, you'll be a stronger person.

The End


  1. fuken said...:

    Luckily I read earlier this month that the event was gonna start at 7pm. I missed the new flyer which states that the event will start at 4pm.

    So on Saturday, my friend called me at 4pm and say that he was there already, I was like, dude, it's 7pm man, but he insisted it starts at 4pm.

    Anyway, I was busy so I made it there at 6.30pm, and yeah, could only get in after 7pm after being packed like sardines in front of the entrance.

    Now, why say 4pm when it only starts at like 7.45pm? I don't understand.

    But yeah, all the clubbers came in and was like, 'Huh, wtf is happening man?'. So funny.

  1. Unknown said...:

    yeap. but many people turn up at 4pm. anyway, thanks for reading my blog.

  1. Afiqah said...:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  1. Afiqah said...:

    hey Adli,
    dont worry bout me :)
    im okay now plus it's no one's fault.
    everything happens for a reason :)

  1. Unknown said...:

    alrite. anyway, we'll support you from the back :)