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Recharge Revelation5 presents Global Gathering

The Story Begins...

Hello everyone.
Let's talk about the recent Recharge Revelation5: Global Gathering.

Global Gathering UK. The biggest Dance festival in Europe.
Hundreds of DJs... I think la.. hehehe
Armin van Buuren, Armand van Helden, Eric Prydz, Carl Cox, David Guetta, Pete Tong, Paul van Dyk, Sander Kleinenberg, Basement Jaxx and etc has played for UK's Global Gathering.

As for Malaysia's Global Gathering. One whole day and night event. More than 40 acts from Rock, hip-hop to house and trance. Half a million square field.
Can you spot the mistake?

The event was held on a very big grassy field.
I heard that the night before was heavily rain and guess what?
the place has turned into a big puddle of mudd!

Last year's was at the tarred road on the other side of A'Famosa Resort but it can't fit more than 2 arenas (this year's has 6 arenas not including cafe and the gravity zone).


Great. Awesome. Fabulous. Superb. Wonderful. Suits this world-class event.

1. Pop-Shuvit - thank god, not the same old shit that they play. More of their new album. They played Freak Show, Marabahaya, Jump and etc.

2. Black Strobe - i missed half of their show. i was hoping to hear them playing Me & Madonna and their latest song I'm a Man but I was there during the Italian Fireflies. They were great! Arnaud Rebotini rules!

3. DJ Joey G - Great tunes. We were partying like animals at the Foambar. I love the foambar. :D

4. Simian Mobile Disco - I stayed for SMD for only a bit because we were hungry but I did party alone because I heard the Hustler song from them.

5. Sander Van Doorn - This guy is brilliant! Great set! I love those loud-pumping techno and trance tunes! Sander, I was right exactly in front of you! hahaha!

6. Johan Gielen - Recharge Revelation... He's already a god!

7. Astro & Glide - I would say their set is just ok.

8. Stylustiks & Latin Prince - Their Hip-Hop and R&B tunes were out-of-this-world! they did great.

9. Marcel Woods - YEAHHH!!! Everybody went crazy when ADVANCED were played. And Aizat bumped into a sex action! hahah

10. Bass Agents - OH MY GOD! You guys did great! Seriously, the set was even better compared to UV Nation. The hard beats & remixes were simply amazing. It's like a brand new experience. They re-made the Krowd Killaz remix of the Killer's Mr Brightside to a hard-dance tune and mix it with Marco V's Red Blue Purple. I love it a lot. I would give you a datuk-ship for delivering great hard-trance, hardstyle, and hard-house!

I went there with Khaleeq (Shahzada), Amal, Aizat, Fido, Pooya & Awan.
Hangout with Zack, Wan Hop, Amad, Khaleeq (Sarfaraz), Izati, Intan (Elin), Najibah, Chip, Nafisz and etc.

I saw Epoi.
I met Faridah, Azreena, Iman and etc.

The funny thing was, Iman, we met for the first time. And he asked "Mana Party Society ko?"
Aku rasa nak gelak! hahahaha....
Ada jugak orang kenal kitorg :)

We got out of the place by 3am. The road was jam inside A'Famosa but it was clear after we got out of the place.

Let's checkout some of my photos.

Aizat & Pooya batak tengok buih kat Foambar! hahaha

Us with Joey G.

At the TQX Freedom Electric stage.

Futon on stage.

Pop Shuvit at the TQX Freedom AMP

Black Strobe, the Dance-Rock band, at the TQX Freedom Electric.

Me and Faridah with the silhouette of Foambar.

The lasers at Recharge Godskitchen during Sander Van Doorn's set.

Great staging for Recharge Godskitchen

Amad, Ti, Aizat and Intan.

Them again.

Them with me! :)

TQX Freedom Electric turned into R&B at night

beautiful people

My batch! (Safura, Wan Hop & Najibah tak masuk gambar!)

Me with Faridah and Azreena.

Me with Nafisz & Sheryl.

Mass Comm Puncak Perdana + Mass Comm Melaka

Adli, Aizat & the Khaleeqs.

Me and Chip

Khaleeq loves Foambar! hahaha

B4C playing on stage at the Recharge Global. Great staging.

The big crowd during Bass Agents with the fireworks in the sky.

Najibah & Me.

Alrite. that's about it...
As what the Recharge's Ad said... "There are some nights that could change your life forever..."
It's true.
The music is totally great!
It was so energetic.

Hopefully, next year's Recharge theme is Sensation pulak!
2 nights in a row! Black & White... The megamixes! The stage show! hahaha

Check out more photos of the event at my MULTIPLY

p/s: I was sober k

The End


  1. Mixboy2105 said...:

    Thanks for the comments. We haven't been playing the old shit from the old albums in years. hope you liked the new stuff.

    Catch us on the Freakshow Tour dude.


  1. Unknown said...:
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  1. Unknown said...:

    wow... i'm glad that you read my blog!
    Oh ya, me and my friends are planning to go for the tour! :)

    Frankly speaking, i do love your new stuffs!