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XLive Music Festival @ Outdoor Theme Park, Genting Highland.

The Story Begins...

XLive Music Fest was totally off the hook, y'all!

For the first time, I drove to Genting.
And yes, as the newbie in driving, of course I would be very scared to drive up the hill.

Faridah wanted to do her make-up. So, she asked me to drive her car.
I was like, "SHIT!"

We started our journey at 6pm. We reached there at 8.30pm after few stops.
Afiqah called to borrow some cash and we had to look for the cash deposit machine in KL.

Hahaha! The road was killing me. Other cars were super fast and It did scares me. :P

First thing I did when I parked the car, grab my big mac! I was sooooo hungry and thanks to the free big mac (I managed to finish the 4 seconds chant!!! eheheheh). Later on, we had few drinks! and we were all "weng!"

We went in and join the others around 9.30pm.
The first thing Aizat asked us was "Dah KENYANG?"
We were all laughed to that question.
Aizat is well known with his sarcasm.

We entered the theme park and first thing we all went to see was Maliq & D'Essentials.
I really really love this Indonesian jazz band since their first song "Terdiam".
Lots of mature faces dancing and enjoying their music.
Maliq & D'Essentials was really good.
Their show performance, singing movement, their voice. WOW!
Really good stage showmanship.
They are not commercial in Malaysia but they are really really good compared to those commercial indo bands! hahaha.
Their performance was around 40 minutes and they sang "The One", "Blow My Mind", "Free Your Mind", and "De Javu" to name a few. They didn't sing my favorite "Terdiam".

Later on, we checked out the other stages.
Goodnight Electric was performing at the XLR8 (accelerate) stage.
The XLR8 stage comprises of electronic & elctroclash acts such as LapSap, Twilight Actiongirl, B4C, and headlined by Goodnight Electric & Dan the Automator (Gorillaz).
I didn't stay long for Goodnight Electric cuz we wanted to check out other stages too.

After that, we went to the XL-Tronic stage to see the crowd.
XL-Tronic stage is for the fan of Trance music.
Thousands of people were at that stage.
Good staging and lightings.
But soundsystem wasn't that loud for me.
Marcus Schossow were on stage spun his good mix.
Oh well, Zack did his mad dance moves. hahaha!
We were all dancing too!
Later on, we went out for more drinks.

By 1am, we got in again and gather at the XLive main stage.
Because Missy Elliott was going to perform!

Missy came on stage doing medley of her best hits such as Get Ur Freak On and One Minute Man.
Awesome introduction by her!
Good stage performance from her crew.
Her dancers were really good.
She came down to the crowd to ask people to dance and jump like crazy.
She sang her famous songs from Get Ur Freak On, One Minute Man, Lose Control, Work It, Ching-A-Ling (from the Step Up 2 Soundtrack), and Shake Your Pom-Pom!

Her outfit was cool too. Love those Shake Your Pom-Pom bling-bling sweater with her bling-bling Adidas kicks.
Cool breakdance moves, the fireworks, visuals, everything.
She didn't lip-synch. Her rap was good.
She burnt down the house real good.
I enjoyed your show.
Thank you, Missy!

Lastly, of course.
It was the time for Yoji Biomehanika!
Yoji's music was good.
Somehow, I can say that the crowd seemed tired.
But that didn't stop me and my friends to dance!
We saved our energy for some hard dance.
I miss his set last year at Speedzone.
It was so good.
What do I really enjoy about his mix last night?
Of course, he did played "Samurai"
With harder beats & sounds!
and he mix it with the most memorable track at last year's Speedzone, Fabio Stein's TECHTRIS! I was jumping real good with my fist up in the air.
I told awan, "weh! ni lagu tetris tahun lepas!"
Hahaha! And surprisingly, he is a good dancer for trance music too.

Later on, Yoji played his latest song. The "Techy Techy".
Not everyone knew the song. I could hear few people shouted to his "Techy Techy".
But I think his music is going harder than before.
Is it because he is now known as Yoji without the "Biomehanika"?

We were sort of tired before the clock nudged at 4am.
So we walked back to Arena of Stars to sit & enjoy the R&B tunes.
Stylustiks on the deck.
Suddenly, the Soulja Boy track played.
We all got on to the dancefloor and show'em our moves!

The party finished at 4am.
We really enjoy the party.
But i did missed few acts.
I missed LapSap, Filo & Peri, and Twilight Actiongirl because there are lots of good act on the other stages too.

Overall, the venue on top of Genting is a very good choice.
It's something new to do it in the theme park.
To me, it's different compared to Zoukfest in 2005 and Chivas Destination Space party in 2006.
Music wise, good choice of acts. Missy Elliott in Malaysia? She's a real good performer. The main arena lightings was a blast!
Maliq & D'Essentials? I really love them. Eventhough the album is not available in Malaysia, but Khaleeq Shahzada bought me the CD when he was in Indonesia for holiday in 2006. Thanks, Man! The XLR8 stage was a bit deserted from other stages. It's a bit hidden.

The only thing that the event could be improve is the stage schedule.
3 stages with lots of good act. Of course, we need to know the timing of each acts so that easier for us to stage hopping.

Overall, the party was FUN! I really had a great time enjoying the party together with my friends. It's a different experience with a BLAST! :D

Photo time!

Me, Meera & Aizat. The blurry person behind Aizat is Meera's fiancee dancing to Maliq & D'Essentials.

Party up with Zach, Haziq & his Gombak friends.

The REAL party goer! Luq & Bad!

Aizat (pergi haji ke, bang?), Moon (she couldn't stop laughing after few glasses), & Me (the sober one)

Doyok & his friend (forgot his name) flashing the XLive wristband.

Faridah & Moon.

Jaja, Reezal & Me. Sorry Zul, bad photo!

Zul is in the image with Min. Jaja jilat angin.

Some said, "Party till your ketiak basah!" (Party till you wet your armpit!)

Haziq was pushing me *too high*

Ursya & Aizat!

From Alam Megah to Genting! Shuznain & Me.
Look at that guy behind us! That's what you call high party spirit!

Matt, Awan & Zach at the XL-TRONIC stage.

Good party pic!

I'm hoping to see more great music festival like this and yes, Genting outdoor theme park would be the best place to party. It should be held again next year!

The End


  1. owh..loveeeeeeeeeeeee it!!
    best sgt2!!

    it was major ok!!!

  1. Unknown said...:

    yeap! it's true!

    anyway, i never knew my camera would produce such a good picture! hehehe.

  1. Fuzz said...:


    car-park drinking, so necessary.

    can't imagine *tingtong* people on the park ride. sure funny.

    its very rare to get performance schedule especially when you're dealing with big names.

    unless its their show, they tend to be DIVAish.

    plus its a way to attract people to the stage irregardless of performers, cause people will keep on guessin.

    its a good method for organizer to keep the spirit and anticipation high.

    anyways, GOOD COVERAGE...

  1. Anonymous said...:

    hahah hey you! yea it was a good event. I really loved Missy (: Nice post there hehe you had tonnes of fun too I see.

  1. Oh and have a great day! haha Byeee.


  1. Unknown said...:

    Coolerfuzz: Sunburst & RR5GG had their schedule list for the party attendees. Ala, my post was just my 2 cent. hehehe.

    Edwina / dana: I'm sure you had tonnes of fun too, right? hehehe
    Nice seeing you dropping by at my blog

  1. Ami3 S10 said...:

    mahn!! I didnt know abt XLIVE till i was in KL for Tiesto. If I know, I would've planned to extend my stay til after Xlive! Dammit -_- am from KK. You guys r lucky to attend shiznits like these so easily.. ah well! Have any idea on Global Gathering kah? Like the venue, exact date and how to get the tickets?

  1. Unknown said...:

    Alrite. regarding Global Gathering.
    Here's what i've found.

    check it out! You'll see Malaysia on one of the dates! yes, 8th november 2008 would be exact.

    as for venue, the website stated A'Famosa Resort (the same one as last year).