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To those who are not going to... TIESTO! hahahah

The Story Begins...

Tonight would be the first night of Tiesto party (2 Days of Freedom).
I know lots of people couldn't make it.
Even some created the Facebook note for being unhappy to those who are attending the party.

Well, sorry!
we couldn't help anything. :(

You guys can enjoy the video of the previous Tiesto gig in Malaysia, the PitParty.

Here's the video when Tiesto came up on stage.

The Nyana spaceship lands in front of JPM building in Putrajaya! I think the open space in front of the Putrajaya mosque. hehehe. It's a real cool montage with kids playing kompang on stage to introduce him to the crowd.

Richard Durand's remix of Lethal Industry.

This guy is crazy! he's exactly in front of Tiesto

The show ended with his famous "Traffic"

Still not satisfy?
Do come to 2 Days of Freedom!
Feel the vibe!
2 days of sun and sand!

The End


  1. sudah!!!!!!!!!!ala tiesto..tp kesayangan!!!


  1. Unknown said...:

    hahahah... takpe. XLive akan kita gerak!