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Party with Alex MORPH this June @ Maison (image uploaded)

The Story Begins...

Hey guys! Chekkidout!
The flyer has released!

Maison presents: I LOVE TRANCE with ALEX MORPH is a must not miss event!

Why? Because his music is MAD! Crazy!
I have already listened to his "Walk the Edge" Single EP with remixes of that track. It's really awesome!

FYI, the flyer is his current primary photo in Myspace. I guess he can't wait to rock Malaysians!
You can check out his music in his Myspace.

If the image is too small for you to read. CLICK IT! hahaha...
The detail is there.

So, can you imagine how his party is going to be?
Let me attach some videos for your viewing pleasure.

Owh yeah, the song in the video is Paul van Dyk's Let go. Remix done by Alex MORPH.

Alex MORPH & Woody van Eyden playing AvB's Shivers. Ermmm... Woody won't be coming here. It's gonna be Alex Only! (like Armin Only? hehehe)

Of course, my current favorite "Walk the Edge" taken from the recent Mayday rave party.

Want more?

Head down to Maison this 20th June. I LOVE TRANCE!
Beauty has a beat.

For more info, check out these websites:

and don't forget to RSVP in facebook!
Click here

I have a friend who is willing to travel from Sarawak to KL for this great party. It's his first ever appearance in Malaysia.

Why wait? Plan your schedule and mark your calender cuz this is the party that you must not miss.

The End


  1. Fuzz said...:



    maison is a best place to chill.

    yes, to chill only.

    its mo like 70% lounge 30% dancefloor.

    wit the centre podium its down to 10%.

    Been there a gazillion of times but never to really trance-out.

    Hope it satisfies EDM die-hards.

    wut u think?

  1. Unknown said...:

    I love maison because of the music. the R&B night on thursday is good too. :D