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The Story Begins...

Hi everyone.

In today's post, I would like to promote the websites that support our local Electronic Dance Music scene.

You want to see internation DJ live in Malaysia?
You want to go party but don't know where?
Wondering when and where is the best club night?

So here are the websites that you guys should look out for:

1. Klubbers.net (http://www.klubbers.net/)

Home to a truly distinguished lifestyle and social phenomenon in Malaysia, Klubbers.net aims to connect clubbers via interest in dance music and clubbing scenes; and also aims to promote nightlife & clubbing events mainly in Kuala Lumpur (KL) Malaysia.

Registered members will be able to manage their own profiles, upload and maintain personal photos collection and communicate with other members in the community. Other channels of interaction include photos upload in public gallery, chat box and many more.

Klubbers.net also features an exclusive photo gallery consisting of photos taken at KL's most prominent nightlife / clubbing events. So watch out for the continuous updates as they strive to cover the best party scenes.

(source: Klubbers)

I have been joining Klubbers since the end of 2006. I started blogging in the same year and Klubbers was my source of information and party updates. Since then, I promote the local events & party in m blog.

The forum section is fun too and I've made few friends there :D

2. Mash (http://www.mash.com.my/)

MASH - Uniting The Dance (Version 2) is claimed to be as Malaysia's Biggest Online Clubbing/Dance Community Forum Portal. You can find lots of updates regarding the local dance scene, introduction of new clubs nationwide, local and global events, sharing/promoting with free downloads of DJ's mixes, discussion on Electronic Dance Music (EDM), discussion/sales on Raving Gear and also discussion on DJ's Software/Equipments.

(source: MASH Facebook group profile)

Mash was found in July 2005 but I joined the website since the early of '06 after the Tiesto's PitParty cuz I was looking for the review and photos of the event. In fact, Bass Agents did join the forum too :D

3. Clubbing9 (http://www.clubbing9.com.my/)

Clubbing9.com.my is your local & global online clubbing and nightlife information destination. If you are looking for the low down on the what’s up in your community, you've landed on the right page. Clubbing9.com.my is full of Kuala Lumpur & Singapore night club, restaurant, bar, lounge, and special event information. Their online community section is a place where like-minded Malaysia nightlife party people can chat, start discussions and connect with other members. They are local with their content, but global with their goals.

They provide their clubbers :-

  • Centralized Platform for Popular nightlife hotspots within Malaysia

  • Encompasses Clubs, Discos, Live Music, Pubs, Bistros, KTVs, Popular F&B Outlets and interesting hang-outs.

  • Listings of Local & Global Deejays.

  • Reliable info on various surveys, polls, comments and real fedbacks on popular nightspots around Malaysia.

  • Cover charges, special events listing, hotspots, clubs review, DJ profiles, club location listing

(Source: Clubbing9)

I've just become a member of this new website. It's mostly focus on clubbing nights. They had a gathering recently but I didn't join. I was busy with XLive in Genting. hehehe.

Besides the websites that I've stated above, my blog would be a definite choice in keeping yourself updated on the latest party and event in town with my random life activities too.

http://coolerclubbers.blogspot.com is my favorite choice to read about the local clubbing scene. You guys should check'em out!

The End


  1. Fuzz said...:
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  1. Fuzz said...:

    thanx man for making us your fav. but CoolerClub have along way to go.

    WE STARTED BLOGGING like this year!

    btw, been busy la this past 2 weeks.

    no time to blog. but will try to put up our DIFFERENT version of 2 Days of Freedom asap and also XLive.

    stay tune...

    personally, i think for a faster update on all events around town i usually check

    klue mag website and juice mag website.. maybe faces

    i believe they receive press release and updates on events faster than the rest because they are the media.

    anyways, GOOD post!

  1. Unknown said...:

    yeap. good sources :)

    you are most welcome!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Thanks for promoting us, and most importantly thank you for your support. Our gallery will be updated soon featuring Mr. Adli :P

  1. Unknown said...:

    You're most welcome. :D