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Oh yeah! Party! Party! Party!

The Story Begins...

I heard the redeem counter queue was crazy long today for XLive Festival!

The party will be super crazy cool!

Missy Elliott and her crew will be arriving today in Malaysia.
This is super crazy! The hip-hop queen will keep us party all night!

Me, Aizat, Intan, Zack, Matt, Haziq, Awan, Dolah, Faridah and few more will confirm to party with us to rock uphill! yeahh!

2 more sleeps and we're up to party on top with 17 acts, 3 stages, 9 hours and 1 venue WITH ALL NIGHT THEME PARK RIDES!

Can you feel the vibe?
we're gonna be mad partying like those people in the video!

So, are you Xcited for XLive?

See u there. If you bump to me at the party, don't be shy to say hi. :D

The End


  1. Fuzz said...:

    heard alot of funky stuff happened up there...

    missy late, empty spaces.

    i din go. 4 of my other members went.

    but i heard missy ova the phone.


    hope to c ur post soon.

  1. Unknown said...:

    it was a great party.

    it's like the after-party for tiesto! =)

    Yoji's set was awesome!