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My dance videos...

The Story Begins...

Hi again.
Just browsing through the YouTube and guess wut?
I found the videos of my group dance performance.
Oh yeah! Miss the old days.

I've started to join the dance group when I was in the first semester but conflict happens and they dropped the boys out of the team. Nahh, doesn't matter to me. Seniors hated me when I was a noob. :P

Am formed a new team in 2006 and I went for the audition.
She said, "You're good! Why you didn't come for the previous audition?"

"I did join. Maybe you didn't notice me," I replied.

Hahaha. I'm a nerd. Of course, nobody would ever notice me.

So, I'm officially in the dance team when I was in the third semester.
Thanks to Teeya and Eqah for recommended me to Am.

Let's take a look at our dance performance:

My third semester. After the performance, I skipped the dinner and went back early to finish my final assignment. I went through lots of bad times at this semester and the only way for me to release my anger is through the dancing classes. We practiced this within 2 months, every night.

My fourth semester. We really really love the moves for "Tak Ada Logika". It's one of the best. Am is really good at dancing. She knows how to move like those ghettos. This is the best semester I have ever experienced.

The most busy semester of all, the 5th sem. I think this is my worst performance ever. Maybe lack of practice, maybe the song is not my mug of beer. hehehe.

I never thought of doing it but it has develop my moves better. I can dance in clubs and party much better now! hehehe. :)

The End


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