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2 Days of Freedom

The Story Begins...

Everyone was so excited about the recent 2 Days of Freedom.
I can see it's a pretty international event.
Cool staging, awesome soundsystem and the best security in any rave event.

Me, Khaleeq (Sarfaraz), Zack, Awan and Haziq got our car parked around 8.30pm after the massive jam along Port Dickson road. The night market was also happened to be at the same night. Policemen were everywhere to ensure the road to be smooth.
Many cars were parked at the roadside. Hahaha. Thanks god, we found one that is very near to the entrance.

Our stuffs.

We entered the venue around 9pm.
Well, the boys wanted to change their pants. Slip on their flip-flops. Exchanging belts and so on.
Gosh! I was already prepared from home!
Oh, Zack! He lied to his mum that he's going to sleep at his friend's house in Damansara. hahaha. We called it "Port Damansara".

Let's talk about the entrance security.

I thought Recharge event security was already on the highest level.
For this Freedom event, we have to remove everything from our pocket for them to check.
They check everyone's wallet. Inside out. Even the smallest compartment of it!
I was so embarrassed. I brought 2 phones (Maxis and Happy. Just in case of the coverage jammed and it did happen!), and a camera. Well, better be safe than sorry. Haziq was using DiGi and easy for us to contact each other if Maxis' line got jam.

Back to the security story.

Those who wore shoes were asked to REMOVE their shoes for their security procedure.
They even checked the cigarettes too. Plus, a body-check. We passed!

There were a few stalls there. You can even find manicure and pedicure there. Nail coloring for RM10. Body coloring too. Ciggy stall. Well that is a must. Freedom (Winston) is the main sponsor. And then... Another security. But it's not for those body checking. Just no food and drinks allowed. It was a very tight security event.

We were checking around the places. Friday's, Dominos were there. Pretty expensive but I think it's pretty reasonable for a rave party. Normal hot dog with no brand name is already RM10! Regular Dominos was RM25. Beer? RM12. That was worth the money! hahahah

The event had 2 stages. dB arena (The main stage. Ferry Corsten, Cosmic Gate & Tiesto), and DimenXion (Hip-hop & Retro). The crowd was entertained by Metalrob (Robots with lasers like Terminator), Theo Dari (The laserman experience before Tiesto came up on stage), and UV-Flouro (the glowsticks thingy).

DimenXion arena staging was so cool! The graffiti, the fire, lightings and soundsystem. The music was pretty massive too. We didn't stay long because we wanted to catch Cosmic Gate at the dB arena.

The DimenXion arena

Cosmic Gate. My second time experiencing their music. This one was even better compared to the previous MyNation. Those 2 guys (DJ Bossi & Nic Chagaal) was awesome that night. They warmed us up with their good selections mix of songs before Tiesto came up. They played "Body of Conflict", "What You Need", "Should Have Known", and Tiesto's "Everything" to name a few.

The massive lighting! Cosmic Gate on the decks!

Metalrob on stage!

by 12am, Cosmic Gate end his mix and it was the time for a "half-time" show by the laserman experience.

Few minutes later, the introduction of Elements of Life began. All cameras recorded it eventhough Tiesto wasn't on stage yet.
And then... the voice said "ELEMENTS OF LIFE" and everybody became crazy because they can see Tiesto walked on the stage. The fireworks colors the sky and Tiesto played "Ten Second to Sunrise" from his latest album followed by "Carpe Noctum". Same goes with the "Dance4Life (Freedom Mix)". He played "Driving to Heaven", "Bright Morningstar" and lots more from the Elements of Life album. Of course! Malaysia is actually a part of his Elements of Life World Tour.

Tiesto playing Ten Second to Sunrise!

Everybody loves his music!

Everyone became crazy and sing along throughout "Break My Fall" and "In the Dark". Tiesto played Klaus Badelt - He's a Pirate (Tiesto Remix) taken off from the Pirates of Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest soundtrack. Not my favorite track but I could hear people imitate the beat of the song and they were jumping like there's no tomorrow. Well, it's a rave. People can go crazy. Girls sitting on their friend's shoulder to get a clear view of Tiesto and waved at him.

Cool visuals!

Throughout the end of his show, he played his famous classics such as "Love Comes Again", "Lethal Industry", "Adagio For Strings", and "Silence (Feat. Sarah McLachlan)".

Love Comes Again introduction! Liefd Karlek Dragoste Amor

Put your hands up in the air!

Haziq & Awan asked me during "Silence" were playing, "Sapa nyanyi lagu ni?" (Who sang this song?) and I said, "Sarah McLachlan". They were shocked, "YER?!"

The best part of the show was the last hour of his mix. Lots of progressive tracks. My most favorite was "More Than Anything" by Gareth Emery (Remix by Stoneface & Terminal). The craziest track for me and also my personal favorite too was "Platinum" by Nenes & Pascal Feliz. Crazy one!

The Nyana bird!

Hello Malaysia! I can't hear you!

When he played "Breathing" by D'Alt Villa, I've guessed that he was almost done like the Copenhagen DVD tracklist. It's a really soothing ambience track and it was feature in the sixth installment of In Search of Sunrise (Ibiza).

My guess was wrong. At the last beat of "Breathing", we heard the slow introduction of "Adagio For Strings". Everybody became very energetic and party harder! The visuals shows various of city names in random such as San Paulo, London, Copenhagen, Budapest, Moscow, Los Angeles and it stops at "Malaysia" when the music breaks. The crowd was high! I was so proud to see Malaysia in one of the names and then when the music ends, the visuals show the Malaysian flag.

Adagio For Strings! Malaysia!!!

Our national flag

He got off stage and the music that played was the crowd shouting for more.
The only sentence that I could hear from the whole Admiral Marina was "WE WANT MORE!"
They chanted it like zombies that needs more blood.
I was one of the zombies too.
He came up on stage again and hit us with a tune.
The beat was really familiar. Even myself could forget such trance anthem!
When the music builds up, Tiesto signed on his headphone and then throw it to the crowd.
I heard voices saying "FUCK! Damn Lucky" and various of unsatisfied crowd for not getting it.

And then the beats made me thinking again. Shit. What took it so long?
Later on, as the music builds up more and more. The crowd shouted and blew their whistles. And I was like "OMG, Marcel Woods?"
What a classic?
It was purely massive to hear the song in a big crowd. Everybody couldn't help but to dance as hard as they can to the last mix of Tiesto.
Whaddya expect? Everyone gave all out for the last track! :)

Foreigners wore crazy color wig with their rave outfit. Hundreds of local raver with the paintball mask. Many people came with clown hats, showing off their glowstick's move. This brought back to the old days of rave. Many old time ravers showed up. I saw lots of husband with their wives. Old guys, old women too. Wow. Tiesto really brought all the ravers from the older generation to the young ones in one event.

Thanks to Tiesto for bringing back the good old days. All ravers from Malaysia unite as one in this event. And the good part is, this event showed that Malaysia is also a rave destination in the eyes of the world.

Thanks to Scenique for giving us the night that we'll always remember :)

My favorite bloggers. Thaiboxingirl and kimberlycun.

Khaleeq, Awan, Zack & Haziq

Me, Khaleeq & Awan

The End


  1. the second last pic!!!haha..ader cerita!

  1. Kimberly Low said...:

    it was TOOOO AWESOME!!!!!

  1. Unknown said...:


    Awesome + very tired! hahaha :))

    anyway, check out today's newspapers. Kosmo & The Star. Kosmo with the headline "Parti Liar".

    I'm very sure that the government will ban any rave event in Port Dickson

  1. CY said...:

    last song was Advanced by Marcel Woods. Didnt get to see you leh, im DjEVO from mash.com.my btw

  1. Unknown said...:

    hahaha! yes, of course! i almost forgot the track title that night!

    hi DjEVO! thanks for dropping by at my blog.

    i didn't get the chance to meet any of the mashers! :(

  1. Fuzz said...:

    adli the Tiesto dictionary.

    rugi x pegi two days.

    i overdose Tiesto.

    more comment on ur next post.

    detailed set coverage.

    gd job.

  1. Ami3 S10 said...:

    Heya! I was there too and damn u hav good shots and your post is nicely covered. :D And, omg.. i didnt know that he autographed his headphone and threw it to the crowd!! Argh!!!! Lucky buggerlah whoever caught it!

    The security was tighter on the second day.. most of the gals kena ask to cover up when they're just in their bikini top. My sis had to go buy a Tiesto shirt and it costed Rm40! Luckily it looks nice but almost at the end, my friends dont give an eff and buka their shirts anyway. HAHA!! =P

    Anyways...WE WANT MORE TIESTO and shiznits like this!!!!!!

    ooot ooot!!!

  1. Unknown said...:

    hey guys & girls. thanks for reading my review & journey experiencing the sound of tiesto.

    I believed that it was the best festival ever and hopefully the government won't shut down such event like this.

    Hehehe... I didn't managed to attend the first night because my free ticket was only for the second night.

    and yes... TIESTO RAWKED US ALL! :D

    thanks ami3 & coolerfuzz for dropping by at my blog :D