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Such an amazing week... :-)

The Story Begins...

Alanis Morissette, No Doubt, Scorpion, Linkin Park, Hoobastank, Incubus, Ryan Starr, We Are Scientist, Architecture In Helsinki and INXS.
Those are the names who were here rockin' Malaysian fans before...

As I mention in my previous post,
I've got tickets to the Muse concert...
What can I say about it?
Best giler babas tahap dewa...
I can't believe it that I was there and I witness the event!
Those who missed it, I'm very sorry cuz it was awesome!
They did played their hit songs such as Knights Of Cydonia, Hysteria, Plug In Baby, New Born, Supermassive Black Hole, Time Is Running Out, Invincible, Stockholm Syndrome and many more...
Gosh, it was like the best moment of my life (in 2007... Tiesto's event was the best one for last year)

Here are some photos of the event!

The tickets...

The main entrance

Me and Khaleeq! We bought the Muse tag

Me, Awan, Khaleeq Sarf and Amad... Hey, I bought the t-shirt!

Me and Rantaw!

Me and Nazmo!

The stage

Matt on stage!

The band on stage!

Me, Haziq and his friend... you guys are great!


Hey matthew! Glad to see u there!

The puncak people... :)

Niza.. My friend from subang who currently studying in LKW... :)
The great crowd at the great concert... :)

Ok.. what else is about this week?
I would say that most of my friends are getting along now... Isn't that great?
Even the person who made a sudden change also has become closer to me... :)

Another thing, I felt that I've did lots of effort on something but I don't get credit from it..
In the end, I got the credit itself.. It came naturally... Alhamdulillah. I felt so much appreciated for it...

Hmm... Dance? This semester is tougher... We did this one song from Agnes Monica, Tak Ada Logika and the steps are harder than before... I'm already immune to shuffling, so I manage to do the hard dance! hehehe.

Advertising test? I couldn't do most of the questions.. I would say that I'm getting stupid...
But I'll do my best for the coming Broadcast test... :)

The End...