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The Adli Syahril history in clubbing scene.

The Story Begins...

Right now is 9.15pm
I'm in my hostel at Puncak Perdana, getting ready to have some fun with my peeps!

Let me tell you my clubbing experience.
My first club was Atmosphere at Twelve SI.
I was 15. A week after the last paper of PMR.
I went there with Juliana.
We were so scared that we couldn't enter but guess what, WE DID!

And then, my second time was in 16...
Me and Azrina followed her sister to Telawi Street Bistro in Bangsar.
She wanted to see her friends who graduated from the same univerity when they were in Australia. (FYI, Azrina's sister is an Australian)

Later then, they brought us to Bliss at Twelve SI. Located next to Atmosphere. I still remember that DJ who spins for that night was DJ Cosmo. A lady DJ from UK. Her tunes was fine... More to house latin. The cover charge was rm40 and we entered for free. I saw Camelia and Chef Wan in the club. (Hey, rave was very expensive at that time... Most expensive rave was rm120)

After that, we even wilder! We were clubbing at almost every weekend!
I can't believe that we really had our fun times together. (Me, Azrina and Niesa)
We even make friends with other clubbers... Guess what? We did bar hopping from a place to another. From Voyeur (Club 11:15 has taken over the place) to Shadow (closed down already) to G-Spot and to PJ bars!

We partied like there is no tomorrow. We stop until the sun rises!
Our clubbing theme song was...

1. Punjabi MC feat. Jay-Z - Beware Of The Boys
2. Eve - Got What You Need
3. Outkast - Hey Ya
4. Missy Elliott - Pass That Dutch
5. (can't recall the name) - Scandalous

Those were the songs that kept playing every weekend at the club.

The clubbing scene is different!
Most of the R&Bs are not like the old days.
It's more to Pop-ish songs.
Which is still dance-able but cannot compare to those days.

Plus, I have more friends to party together.
It's kinda funny that we didn't expect each other to be a clubber before this. Not until the fourth semester.

"We should do this more often!" - K (bukan nama sebenar) -

Hopefully, we'll stick together as a party people.

The End


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