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A Movie. A Visit. A Tiring Day

The Story Begins...

I woke up.
Anis text me.
Dia ajak tenot movie!
Ok... So we went to Mid Valley and kitorg tenot...

Of course.. the movie that everybody wants to watch!

I'm sure that everybody know how is the poster looks like, right?
The theme for the poster is actually... "Mukhsin's Wedding"

This is my favorite part of the movie:

Orked dance with her mother (Mak Inom, played by Sharifah Aleya). Part ni memang cantik la. The music band played the song called "Hujan". Adibah Noor nyanyi lagu tu time nie. Lepas tuh hujan... Mak Inom ajak Orked menari... Lepas tuh, jiran diorg (Rozie, the one who is a prostitute in Gubra) kutuk perangai family Orked. In fact, I hate Rozie's character in Mukhsin compared to Gubra.

What can I say about Mukhsin?

Firstly, congratulations to Yasmin Ahmad for showing us your beautiful talent in making this movie. I am really enjoy watching all your movie! Didn't miss a single one in cinema...

Secondly, the storyline... It's perfectly beautiful. When I saw this movie. I felt very calm and relax. BUT! There's a but... I still prefer Gubra because the point of the movie is very clear! The message was delivered to me very good... Gubra = Young woman for older man (two-timing plak tuh!), prostitute who has to raise her young son and suddenly dapat AIDS plak, and etc.
Mukhsin = puppy love, bad neighbour, poor family? Tengoklah sendiri and you'll know what I mean...

Thirdly, congrats to Sharifah Aleya... Great acting from you as Mak Inom. She can impersonate Ida Nerina! Hahaha.... Sharifah Aryana? I'm so sorry girl but your acting is a bit stiff...
The Orked that I know in Sepet and Gubra was more active than the one in Mukhsin. In Mukhsin, Orked's character macam pemberontak! A bit like a rebel.

I guess that would be it... Mukhsin is a very relaxing movie compared to Sepet and Gubra which are more dramatic...

After done with the movie.
I went back home. And suddenly my dad pulak ajak pergi hospital. Tengok tok mak. Guess what? She's getting better now... :)
Waktu aku sampai.. She was high.. I think the doctor gave her drugs to stimulate her... hehehe
Dia dok merapu cerita pasal buat keje kat dapur!

Alhamdulillah that everything turnout to be fine. :)

p/s: I hate the crowd inside the cinema... The part that wasn't supposed to be funny, THEY LAUGHED??? And they kept on talking during the movie... You don't pay to talk, STEWPIT!