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My favorite Indonesian group: DYGTA

The Story Begins

Dygta is back with their latest album... Bukan Kekasih Setia.
What is so great about this group?

1. Muzik dia relax
2. Suits me whenever I feel lonely
3. Great voice
4. Sad lyrics
5. Makes people cry sometimes....

Their 2 previous album was very good! I love it a lot...
Persembahan Jiwa and Pecinta Sejati. Memang worth your listening...
Sadly, it's hard to get their album in Malaysia.
You have to fly to Indon to get their albums or buy it online.

From what I've searched on the Internet, I couldn't find the CD for Bukan Kekasih Setia. Only in Cassette version. I've searched it in DiscTarra's website... DiscTarra is like Tower Records in Indonesia...

You guys should check out their albums... The melancholic music is just simply awesome. Most of their songs is about love triangle. Well, I think the singer has lots of experience in love until he could make great songs about break ups...

Here are the track listings for their latest album:
Side #1

1. Kesepian
2. Berpisah (feat. Nita)
3. Kau Cintaku
4. Demi Cinta
5. 2 Hati
6. Bukan Kekasih Setia
7. Lelaki Sempurna
8. Harus Berakhir (feat. Meda)
9. Yakinkan Dihatimu
10. Ternyata
11. Saat Kehilanganmu
12. Air Mata

Now, I'm going to listen this album again for the second time!

The End


  1. ijat said...:

    hi,am a big fan of dygta jugak ;) damn hard to find their album kat sini and the Q is, do you have the mp3?could you send it to my email?office da block multiply la pulak...short 6 lagu jer lagi..plz? ;) hit me back..thanks dude...

  1. ijat said...:

    lupa polak den, my email is bluefroggie93.2@gmail.com :)

  1. Naqiah said...:

    i love their songs too... =D
    relax jerk