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Grandmother's OUT!

The Story Begins...

Thank God, Alhamdulillah!
My grandmother has recover from her second operation.
The other day, when I went to the hospital, she was high on medicine.
She talked crap about kitchen, chores and stuffs (Nenekku SASAU!)
Now, she has already checked out of the hospital!
We love you tokmak! :)
She was as fat as a mad cow.
Now she's as slim as the giraffe.
hehehe.. what a bad metaphor!

Last night,
We went for "mamak"...
It was me and my friends.
We had a great time "eating maggi goreng"
In fact, it was a good "maggi goreng"
We were "bloated" with "maggi goreng"
My "stomach" was "sick"
So, I relaxed myself by "sitting down on a chair"

I'm sure you guys are trying to figure this puzzle!

The end...