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The cool people who taught me to live...

The story begins...

How should I begin this?

Ismail Awang and Zainab Jusoh.
My grandparents...

They are the person who raised me up when I was still a kid until I move to Alam Megah.
Imagine this... 8am till 6pm at their house.
I spent more time with them than my own parents.
Me and my best-est cousin, Asri...
We both spent most of our time with them.

My first bus ride.
My first flight.
My first education.
They were the people who taught me to live...

They let me go out in the middle of the night..
go clubbing and party with my friends.
My grandparents are cool!

Ok, this is what I want to share with all of you.
My grandmother was admitted to PPUM in January.
Usus dia tersumbat, i think la kan...
So, she had her operation and she spent 2 weeks in the hospital.
Guess what? She lost her weight... A LOT, to be precise.
She has to wear a bag to urine because she hasn't recover fully yet.

Last night,
We went to her house in PJ.
At that time, I was just informed that she has to go back to the hospital again for another operation!
I was in shocked!
My mum shook her hand. She began to cry.
Aku pon salam la tangan dia... Lepas tuh terus dia menangis...

The doctor said that her second operation is not until the end of the month but then, they have to make it earlier... Mungkin pasal tu kot dia nangis.

When we went there last night to see her a day before her operation.
I had a feeling that something is going to happen.
Aku tak nak dia meninggal because of an operation.
I don't want anything happen to her...

I want to say thank god, Alhamdulillah because Asri has become a better person now.
I'm sure my grandmother will forgive him for what he has done to her before...

Insya-Allah... Everything will be fine...

The End


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Everything will be fine my fren.