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BLOG THING: Oh damn!

The Story Begins...

That's the right word and expression from me... "OH DAMN!"

All great events and parties are happening in the week that I won't be in this country.

1. Marcus Schossow @ Maison (19th Dec 2008)
2. Jes @ Mist Club (17th Dec 2008)
3. Smartie Partie World Tour @ Kiara (19th & 20th Dec 2008)
4. Massive Worldwide @ CapSquare (20th Dec 2008)
5. Rock The World 8 @ Stadium Merdeka (20th Dec 2008)
6. Lapsap + Co. Presents DJ Knatz (BKK) @ Barsonic (20th Dec 2008)

I can't believe this...
It is worst than any other year that I skipped the December events. Same goes with 2006 and 2007.

Haih... I'll put up more post on those events under "Advance Warning" for more detail, k.

The End


  1. RiRa said...:

    ohw, where ru going?..
    party freak.lol