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ADVANCE WARNING: Pink Martinee presents JES @ Mist Club (17th December 2008)

The Story Begins...

Pink Martinee presents JES

17th December 2008

Mist Club, Bangsar

Jes Breiden a.k.a. JES!

RM45 + 1 Drink (Guys)
RM35 + 1 Drink (Ladies)

JES BREIDEN will be performing at MIST Club on 17/12/08 to launch the club's Wednesday night, Pink Martinee. JES is the second INTERNATIONAL ARTIST (and yes, we are talking about ARTIST not dj) that performs at MIST Club. For those who are unaware, the first international artist that came down was LIL JON (17/10/08) and he was here to launch the club's Friday night, themed Lollipop. That Lollipop night was extremely packed and there were hardly any space to move around. It was a coincidence that both ARTISTS came down on the 17th but on a different month! MIST Club opens four days a week and currently the club had identified 2 international ARTISTS, LIL JON has launched Lollipop and JES will be launching Pink Martinee.

It seems that MIST is changing the clubbing scene in Malaysia. It’s incorporating artists into clubs. It’s a totally whole new experience for clubbers out there. Although MIST is less 2 months old, we believe MIST will slowly revolutionize the clubbing scene into a different level, a level where Malaysians has yet to experience. We believe time will tell everything………

More than just ARTIST

PINK MARTINEE is proud to present the "Queen of Roctronica" who is also the official Singer for two years in a row to DJ Mag No 1 rated DJ of the year - TIESTO. Under His very own record label, MAGIK MUZIK/BLACK HOLE Recording's, JES BREIDEN burst into the dance scene and gained worldwide recognition when she teamed up with Gabriel and Dresden to form Motorcycle and produced the Billboard #1 Dance Smash "As The Rush Comes", which went on to top charts all over the world and even earned JES a spot on the renowned British television show "Top Of The Pops" alongside Beyonce and Maroon 5.

With this achievement, JES's shining talent did not go unnoticed by the who's who in the dance music industry, and ultimately caught the eye of the biggest superstar DJ in the world, Tiesto and became Tiesto's official singer. JES's music has been incorporated into Tiesto's In Search Of Sunrise series 4,5,6, and 7 albums. And together, Tiesto and JES wrote the hit "Everything" for the much-celebrated Grammy nominated Elements Of Life album. JES joined Tiesto opening for his massive 2007 Elements of Life World Tour, performing songs from Disconnect live for arena crowds all over the globe.

JES has an utterly unique style, incorporating elements of rock with an epic trance journey; which soon she established herself as the reigning Queen of Roctronica. JES was nominated for two International Dance Music Awards for Best Progressive House/Trance Track for her first single -"Ghost" and Best Alternative/Rock Dance Track - "Heaven" on Miami Winter Music Conference. She performed live on the mainstage at Ultra Fest and solidified her status as an emerging solo talent to be reckoned with in the Electronic Music World. JES also took first place in the same years International Songwriters Competition for the song "Ghost".

Though the year is coming to a close, JES is definitely leaving her mark on the last couple of months with her nomination for her third single, "Imagination" for the Hollywood Music Awards. Also be on the lookout for some exciting side projects that find JES partnering up with a few very special friends to round out this Roctronica Diva's phenomenal year, including releases' with Johan Geilen, Steve Smooth and JJ Flores and an upcoming work with famed electronica guru, BT. Catch this Dance Diva, JES, live only at MIST CLUB.

Photo Source: E-mail by Klubbers.net
Info Source: Facebook events

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