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ADVANCE WARNING: Mogwai Live in Malaysia @ KL Convention Centre (21/1/2009)

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Mogwai Live in Malaysia

Tuborg Stage, Hall 5, KL Convention Centre

21st January 2008


RM168 (at the door), RM148 (pre-sale, from 9 Jan - 19Jan), RM128 (early bird, 26 Dec - 8 Jan)
Tickets can be purchased at Box Office at KLPac, The Actors Studio at BSC, Rock Corner Outlets.

Soundscape Records is proud to announce a one-night-only show for internationally acclaimed instrumental band Mogwai, here in Malaysia.

With the date set for 21st January, venue at Tuborg Stage, Hall 5, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, local post-rock fans have a lot more reason to celebrate the brand new year.

This will be the Scottish rock band's first ever show in Kuala Lumpur, their second in the region. They performed to a raving, smitten, sold-out crowd at Esplanade, Singapore in 2006 - also remembered as one of the loudest shows ever held at the Esplanade.

On tour for their sixth and latest album, The Hawk is Howling - the band returns to its roots, working again with producer Andy Miller for the first time in a decade. As is expected from the 13-year old band's critically acclaimed brand of instrumental post-rock, The Hawk is Howling is a completely instrumental album - where the only 'conversation' comes from the often intense, sometimes ethereal, but always majestic play of different instruments.

Whatever it is, one thing is sure - Mogwai's breathtaking style of music that sometimes leaves listeners hanging in mid-air with euphoria and send them reeling with uncommon energy, is all set to mark Jan 21st as a historical day in Malaysia’s becoming as an international musical stop point.

To quote an article from The Herald (UK) : " Listening to Mogwai on the stereo only delivers half an experience; this is a band that was born to be heard live. On stage, grandeur and grace trade places with an effect both devastating and delightful"

Prominent local independent music label Soundscape Records who is known for its knack of bringing quality, sought-after international music acts to the region teamed up with Tuborg to present the region with this extraordinary music event.

For more info,
visit Soundscape Records

Source: Facebook events

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