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AFTER PARTY: On The Move @ MIECC, Mines

The Story Begins...

Last week, British American Tobacco (BAT) had a re-branding party for Pall Mall called On The Move. They have improved the packaging - not much difference from the old one - and I have not taste it yet.

Few months ago, the same venue was used for Kent Reinvented party and guess what, last week's event was not as pretty as it seem.

We got there around 10.15pm and had a great time at the bar. We worked on those drinks till we could not get our feet on the ground. We pissed a lot and had to leave for the bathroom for almost every 15 minutes. hahaha!

DJ Shary played some good tracks to warm the night followed by our own local underground Trance act, DJ Shane. He has been DJ-ing since he was 16 (3 years ago) and has been playing for some time alongside with veteran acts such as Joey G and Ian Ross. Now, he is already on the next level whereby he shares the same stage with big international names in one event. Later on, Andrew K (you might know him if you have attended the Hennessy event at Zouk back in April this year) went up the stage and controlled the console. Andrew K played around one hour with his good uplifting tracks before Andy Moor hit the deck by 12.30am.

Whoah! Good one, man! By the time this #18 DJ in the World Top 100 spun his tracks, the lasers started shooting at us!

Too bad the authority had to halt the event by 1.30am with undisclosed reason.
We all did enjoyed the first half but unfortunately, the authority killed the fun.

I hope the organizer will put more effort in making their next event to run smoothly. In fact, I am interested to attend any of their upcoming party. They did a good job on the lightings, stage set up and of course, right choices of DJ.

The podium dancers

Please be aware that he wasn't drunk yet!

Watch closely, those chicks were crazy!

That is a juice! Thanks for driving us home. hehehe

The ambience

DJ Shary, DJ Shane and Andy Moor

DJ Shary

It was nice meeting everyone at the party.
Sorry I didn't have the chance to take photo with you guys. :(


Photo Source: Some photos were taken from Bard

Adli Syahril says: To all my buddies, sorry for the guestlist cancellation because they had to limit the crowd. Hope you'll understand. Don't worry. I will bring you guys for the next one.

The End


  1. Anonymous said...:

    D Shane mana?

  1. Zulaikha Zubir said...:

    nothing is easy!!!!! yay adli!!! i agree with u!

  1. Unknown said...:

    thanks for understanding, ika! :D
    i was so demotivated and now i got my feet back on the ground. i have much confidence now. :)

    Aizat, let's TAG! i don't care! i really need the fun!

    Bard, dah update! thanks :)