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ADVANCE WARNING: Christmas Eve with DJ Gabriel (Turn It Up) & Psychedelic Anniversary Party @ Maison KL (24 & 26/12/2008)

The Story Begins...

Don't know where to crash on the Christmas Eve? Pfft...
Drop by at Maison for the hottest party in town!
DJ Gabriel of Turn It Up (Capital FM) will be playing and it is gonna be great!

Followed by the post Christmas party, Psychedelic celebrates its one year anniversary on the 26th. Check out the guys cuz DJ Ndroid (Juice DJ Quest first runner up) will dropping some hot beats that night alongside with Popcorn Perky, Max Afizz, DJ Syane and non other than Maison's resident, Kughen.

Check out the details below

1. Christmas Eve with DJ Gabriel (Turn it Up)
2. Psychedelic Anniversary Party

24th December (DJ Gabriel)
26th December (Psychedelic)

Maison KL

24th December: DJ Gabriel & warm up set by Kughen
26th December: Popcorn Perky, Max Afizz, DJ Syane, DJ Ndroid & Kughen

Cover charges applied
See the image for detail

Christmas Eve with DJ Gabriel
Wicked Christmas eve party, wicked music vibes! Turn the Christmas spirit up with DJ Gabriel (Capital FM) spinning his divine sounds of Tech House, Tribal and Techno.

Psychedelic Anniversary Party
Fast forward and it has been 1 year since the Psychedelic team has been out bursting their finest beats of Progressive, Electro & Trance music nation wide. It is time to get on the dance floor and party to the beast of our local DJs:

Popcorn Perky

Max Afizz

DJ Syane

DJ Ndriod (Juice DJ Quest 2008 1st runner up)

DJ Kughen

Image source: An e-mail by Klubbers.net
Info source: Klubbers.net / Maison KL

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