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BLOG THING: Mogwai is coming down to Malaysia!

The Story Begins...

Since the announcement of Mogwai is not fully detailed, I am not going to post it under the category of "Advance Warning". In fact, it is too "advance" and no confirmation or announcement of the exact date and venue. It is for sure that these post-rock act is indeed confirm coming here in January 2009.

From the source that I've found (Junk & KLue) saying that their performance is either on the 20th or 21st of January. No venue or ticketing details yet. Let's just wait for the more updates by Soundscape Records as they are the organizer for Mogwai's appearance in Malaysia.

If you remember the movie Wicker Park, you might remember Mogwai's track titled "I Know You Are But What Am I?"

Check out their live vid!

Stay tune!

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**** UPDATED ****
(7th of December)

It's an all-system go! Soundscape Records have created the Facebook event for Mogwai's concert. Check the webbie here.

It's stated the date as "21st January 2009"

That is Wednesday! YEEEE-HAAWWWW!

The End