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The New Mercedes GLK Interactive Music Video

The Story Begins...

Maybe some of you would wonder why the hell I would write a story about this if my blog is mainly focusing on the EDM scene?

Ok.. It's because...


Mercedes made a special website called "Mercedes GLK Webspecial" as a way to promote their new model.

In the website, the song "Taken Away" can be downloaded for free and the best part is... THE MUSIC VIDEO IS INTERACTIVE!

Check them out yourself!
You can change the color of the car, the scenery. In fact, you can add a remix effect throughout the music video!

Isn't that cool?

Here's the info that I found in the Trendhunter Magazine website

"Mercedes-Benz GLK features one of today’s hottest digital phenomenons: remixing videos. The newly launched site lets you design your own Mercedes, selecting things like color and rims, as it showcases the GLK through an interactive music video to the song “Taken Away” by Digitalism, an electro house duo from Hamburg, Germany. In the video, you get to cruise around in the new GLK as you explore a hip city. Objects and scenery are then transformed as you sweep by in the awe-evoking German sports car. As Digitalism’s track plays in the background, users have the ability to manipulate the music through their interaction with surrounding objects. To further boost their appeal to fans, Digitalism is offering their new album as a free download."

Here is the video of the latest Mercedes GLK with Digitalism new track titled "Taken Away"

See it yourself, the interactive version by browsing Mercedes GLK Webspecial.

Adli Syahril says: AAAAAAAA!!! When are you guys gonna come to Malaysia?!

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