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AFTER PARTY: Zouk Grand Launch

The Story Begins...

The only thing that I could say after I got the whole picture of Zouk KL was "OMG, WTF! I never knew this place is this big!"

I reached Zouk around 9.30pm and the rain was drizzling since I don't know when and it became heavier by the time Serena C announced the launch and open the door for everyone at 10.15pm. Terrace Bar was too packed with people who wanted the drinks cuz the free-flow session end at 10pm. Some gave up to get the drinks because the line was too long. I thought the whole free-flow thingy is all night for the invitees & VIPs. Damn it.

After the door opened, I took a little tour around the premise.

There were too many doors and I don't have a clue on which one is what! Zouk, Phuture and Velvet are connected with shortcut doors. It's a cool thing cuz we all could enjoy different music at different room.

Welcome to the Pleasuredome

Let me give you some clues of the rooms

1. Zouk
  • The amazing new flagship venue will feature one of the region's most impressive club installations of LEDs, Plasmas and CO2 jets. Zouk Will play the best dance music in the world featuring residents and international guests.
  • Tuesdays - Ghetto Heaven; Thursdays - 4PLAY; Fridays - Global; Saturdays - Fuze
  • Age limit - 21 above for Men & Ladies (Tuesdays); 23 years for Men & 21 for Ladies (Thursdays - Saturdays).
2. Phuture
  • Experience the Phuture. A funky and intimate clubbing venue that will blow your senses away with the multitude urban events heightened by the groundbreaking sound and light system and excellent service standars.
  • Wednesdays - The Original Mambo Jambo; Thursdays - 4PLAY; Fridays & Saturdays - Flava; Sundays - Loco.
  • Age Limit - 23 years for Men, 21 for Ladies (Wednesdays - Saturdays); 21 for both (Sundays)
3. Velvet Underground
  • Velvet Underground is already synonymous with being the fashionable, high class and altogether more grown-up affair. KL's premier party haunt is given a stunning makeover to cater for more retro Mambo Jambo nights in sophisticated surroundings.
  • Wednesdays - The Original Mambo Jambo; Thursdays - 4PLAY; Fridays & Saturdays - Mambo (Every fortnightly Friday - K.A.M. @ Velvet)
  • Age Limit - 25 years for Men, 21 for Ladies (Wednesdays - Saturdays)
4. Barsonic (YEAHHH!!!)
  • Let's get sonic! Fashionable, edgy, credible and downright fun new venue for the trend-setters and night owls. This is where indie, electro and mash-up fans run riot.
  • Thursdays - 4PLAY; Fridays - Twilight Actiongirl; Saturdays - Supersonic
  • Age Limit - 21 years for both Men & Ladies
5. Aristo
  • By all standards, a drop dead stunner of a venue and another jewel in their already bulging crown cabinet! The new house music venue and dedicated Moest & Chandon champagne bar for the party lifestyles of the creme of society.
  • Open from Monday to Sunday
  • Age Limit - 25 years for Men, 21 years for Ladies
6. Terrace Bar
  • Reinvigorated with an exciting new partner - the award winning team from Relish. A bar, a bistro, a restaurant and the escape from the madding crowd.
  • Opens from Monday to Sunday

I really, really like the new Zouk. The whole new concept.

Phuture was totally packed. Great music played by Terence C & Leonard T at the Zouk Mainroom. The electro house was great. The new door policy kinda suck. I can't attend the Sasha appearance in Malaysia :(

Anyway, the Grand Launch party was good. At least we all get the clearer image why the place took a very long time to construct and had to re-schedule its opening from a date to another date.

Overall, it is worth the wait. Good job, Zouk.

Now we all can't wait to jump on the cushions at Barsonic! We want Twilight Actiongirl and Lapsap!

Check out the photos!

The love behind the DJ console at Velvet Underground

Packed at the bar of the mainroom. :(

Aryn and her boyfriend, Firdaus

Me and Aryn. The Lapsap freaks! :P

Miss Catherine Lee

The good people. Thanks, guys for letting me join ya! :D

Now I realize that I have a fat face.

Thanks to Advertlets for the invite

Adli Syahril says: let's get ON THE MOVE!!!

The End


  1. Fuzz said...:

    I was there for a while. then i chow for something else. hate it when vip are not treated like vip.

    U sure Zouk's "new door policy kinda suck" is the only thing that sucks? I'm lucky that I'm an event clubber.

    coz der is no way our kind of people can ever be regulars. they are targetting at another market segment man. we got to look else where.

    c the dress code n age limit is enough to deter many people from coming and having a good time. Tu blum the new and improved cover charge lagi.

    I kno its an upgrade but sumhow i can see the future patrons in my head... dun look like they come for music. maybe that's what the increase in lounge areas in most zouk rooms are for kot...

    hmmm... where shall i go next for some good regular EDM. AHR n changkat la kot.

    plus I never understood how people can support venues anyways. Waiting since last friday and I have yet to see a well balanced comment from the other bloggers i saw there.

    dun worry man, zouk not going to remember our faces and chase us out. hahaha.

    reali dun wana sound like a bitch la, but gotta be a hater sometimes.

    see u soon.

  1. Unknown said...:

    Hehehehe... I pun bukannya go for regular nights sangat.

    Cuma now I cannot attend any of the international DJ performance la.

    This month jer they are bringing in Dimitri from Paris, Sasha and Mark Doyle.

    Oh ya,, the cover charge is seriously crazy! Kalah harga minyak! hahahah