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ADVANCE WARNING: Rock The World 8 @ Stadium Merdeka

The Story Begins...

I don't think I should say more about this event.
It's the current longest running event in Malaysia!
Yeah, the concert had a year break and now it is back.
It is gonna be great.

How can I forget my first Rock the World?
I was in form 2 and Teh Tarik Crew were boo-ed! hahaha!

Rock The World 8

20th December 2008 (Saturday)

The Secret Garden, Stadium Merdeka

One Buck Short
The Times
Republic of Brickfields
Koffin Kanser
The Otherside Orchestra
Laila's Lounge
They Will Kill Us All
Upon Arrival

Ticket RM25 at all Rock Corner, Music Valley, Tower Records, Extreme outlet
Tickets are available at the door too.

Should I give more explanation? It's the 8th series of Rock The World!
Long live Fat Boys Event! :D
Loads of new bands performing compared to the previous RTW.
Believe it or not... The frontman of Revenge, Ayid stated in Myspace "Ayid REVENGE akan bayar niat gua 20 Disember nie, GUA akan campak KASUT ALIPH HI-CUT RIDER kesayangan gua ke penonton di ROCK THE WORLD 8 nanti" on his status.
Wow! Congrats, man! You've got yourself a slot for RTW!!!

Bands you should look out for on Rock The World 8
1. The 80's fashion rock, REVENGE! I love their showmanship on stage. They gonna rock the hell out of you.

2. I never get tired of The Otherside Orchestra!

3. The newcomer in the scene, Bunkface. Let's do the Bunk Anthem!

4. Of course, They Will Kill Us All is a must-see band. They were the winner of AMP on Channel V and got the chance to performed at Recharge Revelations last year.

Check out the website now!

Make your choice now!
20th December 2008. Massive Worldwide? Smartie Partie? or rock yourself out at Rock the World 8?
It is up to you. ;)

Adli Syahril says: Errr... Yelp!

The End


  1. keemai said...:

    great a good ideea ....
    but blah maner nk campak nt.../????
    hHmmmm kanan, kiri, depan...
    tgh2 ker ...
    campak latest album ker...

  1. Unknown said...:

    hahahaha... nantikan sahaja kemunculannya di Rock the World!!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    What Choice?
    It's go or DIE !!!

    There are slots for Collage Bands still open. For more information follow this link


  1. Syaza Nadiah said...:

    u going? watch out la for my brother's band! his band is performing as well. they have 2 super new bands, to promote local music scene i guess. these 2 are Dance to the Radio and Harvesting Space Sound =)

  1. Unknown said...:

    tak pergi la beb. I won't be in KL at that time. :(
    sorry... say good luck to zaki. :D

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Revenge @ Rock The World 2008:

  1. Unknown said...:

    wow! what an awesome performance! :D