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AFTER PARTY: Freedom Elite @ Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club

The Story Begins...

No one can say no to free party and free flow of drinks. Yeah! Me and other 4,999 people attended the current best local event production since the last 2 Days of Freedom in Port Dickson.

Freedom Elite party was held on the 22nd November, Saturday at the Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club. Everyone were pretty excited of the event because it was the only remedy for the no-longer-exist-Recharge-Revelation party.

Big names of act came to keep us stomped our feet with their great skills of rap, turntable, mixing and awesome tracks.

Blink and Inquisitive were great but their set was too short to me. LCK, Mike Koglin and Scot Project were totally rocked the house!

Kudos to Scenique Production for doing such a great event production. Great lightings, lasers, the show and stage. Good selection of DJs... and the most important thing, we all had a great time partying with our friends!

Thanks to everyone who came and say hi to me. Let's party again soon.

A great R&B session

Dude, you're too tall!

Some people just love to pose at the party! hahaha

With the backbone of GLAM magazine

Everyone loves Mike Koglin!

The Bangkok Invaders vs Money Exchange Movement on stage

Party people!

Blink of Lapsap and Inquisitive

Fuzz, Sue and Shereena!

Ok, this photo is weird!

Dhaima before tipsy... hehehe

Chip was in a higher state of unconsciousness!

This is Bob. He uses Fat Burner before attending the party.

Jeremy and Ilya

Melvin and his friend

The real party rockstar, Bad!

Dhaima and Ollie (before the ambulance people came)

The main man of Advertlets, Mr. Josh Lim


Mr Jenkinyat!

Ies and her friend

The UiTM students who are party animals

It was all good. Two thumbs up!

Adli Syahril says: Too bad Tasya, Zack, Najib and Aizat couldn't come to join us. :(

The End


  1. Johan Marco said...:

    eh aku pun ade ahhaha cheers mate

  1. Anonymous said...:

    We had a GREAT time yea.
    See you at ON THE MOVE!

  1. wénkt said...:

    apsal ramai cam i kenal dlm blog ni??


    ilya pun ada.