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Watch the Zip code: 90210

The Story Begins..

Oh! I love teenage drama!

It's not about the Upper East Side of Manhattan kids!
Nothing related to Queens and the 5th Avenue!
Not even the Newport Beach in the Orange County, California!

Guess what?
Beverly Hills is back in a different touch; an all-new 90210

Remember the old-school opening montage of Beverly Hills 90210?
It was almost 16 years ago since its first season of the older version and I can still remember me and my cousin played the soundtrack of the tv series every time we were in the car.
Shannen Doherty was soooooo pretty.
How can we all forget the denim jackets, school jocks and round glasses geeks!

90210 was premiered this week in the US and they have received positive feedbacks for its 2 hours pilot episode. The premier broke the CW (the US channel) record for becoming the network's all-time highest-rated scripted debut.

Watch the series and you'll love it! :)

Adli Syahril says: Can't wait for Ugly Betty season 3 end of this month :D

The End