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Hed Kandi @ Euphoria by Ministry of Sound, Sunway

The Story Begins...

Hed Kandi has arrived in Malaysia and it was a total blast.
Kudos to the Euphoria management for bringing one of the biggest international club night event to our shores. There were a bit of flaws at the party but it wasn't a big deal anyway! hahahah

Andy Daniels & Lady Victoria at the meet and greet session with me.

Andy Daniels brought us through a journey of chill house to progressive house and techno within 3 hours. Lady Victoria served the crowd with her saxophone and blew us all with the skills. The mixture of dance music and saxophone was a good blend by those two acts. Great job, guys!

Andy Daniels and his tour buddy

Lady Victoria on stage

Andy Daniels spun some good tracks such as Eric Prydz' "Pjanoo", Freemasons "When We Touch", everyone's favorite classic Paul Johnson's "Get Get Down", and end the set with Fragma's "Toca's Miracle". We were all sang along with the last track. Awesome.

The dance floor was packed!

I think the cd was a bit trippy when Pjanoo was played and the power was shutted in the middle of Toca's Miracle but they played it again after everyone screamed and shouted for more.

Thanks to the Euphoria management for giving me the chance to meet-and-greet with Andy Daniels and Lady Victoria... and THANKS FOR THE CD TOO!!! :D

I can't wait for more Hed Kandi event in Malaysia! yeee-haw!

Check out some photos of the event

Cam-whoring before entering the main room.

Theresa and me

Khaleeq enjoying the music

Ilya doing some sexy moves.

Lady Victoria with her sax.

Everyone did not move from the floor after the party ended.

Me and Ilya with the superstars of the night

Thanks for the autograph! :D

Adli Syahril says: My third visit to Euphoria and i love the dance floor!

The End


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Hey..I saw u. :)
    I was at the meet & greet Hed Kandi too. Check out my post.

    What time did the session end? I left early. Sleepy.