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Lapsap & Sexinvaders Puasa Special @ Palate Palette

The Story Begins...

Lapsap brought the hype to the city of Kuala Lumpur alongside with Sexinvaders for another night out to hipster kids since there are no more TAG night after the closure of Zouk KL for their major face-lift.

The party-goer came as early as 10pm and waited with patience for great tunes to be played. Yes, indeed, tons of crazy synth electro beat and cam-whores were everywhere. Those flashes of light really burnt my eyes! ha! ha!

The DJs played some massive tunes such as ACDC's Thunderstruck remix by Crookers, Herve's Cheap Thrills and of course, everyone's favorite "We Are Your Friends" by Justice and Simian.

The dancefloor was packed to the brim and we tried our best to breath for more oxygen.
What can I say?
It was another awesome Friday night party and thank Lapsap & Sexinvaders for the greatest party ever!

Check out some photos of the party.

Ilya and some party people jumping on the couch.

Huda joined us!

Peace out!

Hey Mr DJ, put the record on!

We ain't screaming "Disco Disco, Good Good!"

Faz on his tipsy ride. hahaha

I believe Dhaima couldn't get her feet on the ground. :P

I should get that as my bed lamp.

Let's pump our fist up!

Petrina and me are groupies.

Me and Xu. We wet our armpits.

The awesome DJs of the night

Adli Syahril says: Anyone up for Hed Kandi night?

The End