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MTV Asia Awards 2008 @ Genting (2/08/2008)

The Story Begins...

I went to MTV Asia Awards last night and all I can say is "IT WAS AWESOME!"
I didn't manage to count the sequins on Nicole's outfit but the experience of standing in front of the best acts around the globe was just FANTASTIC!

Panic at the Disco, Leona Lewis, The Script, Pussycat Dolls, The Click Five, One Republic, Super Junior... i don't know! a whole lot more!

Good Job to the MTV crew for bringing this awesome award show in Malaysia.
I was expecting more great acts rather than selling out performers but what they had for the show were already fine. Maybe Malaysia is not ready for bigger acts. This is quite a good start. Maybe next time they should bring legendary performer or music pioneer to the show.

Electrico (Singapore), Super Junior (Korea) and Project EAR was awesome!

Frankly, I was really surprised to see Super Junior performance on stage. The energy they brought did really blew me away. It's no wonder that hundreds of their fan came with LED banners. :P

As for international act, I would go for The Click Five. Good vocal. The blend of their music with traditional Malaysian instruments. THUMBS UP!
Not a fan of them but they're good.

I really enjoyed the whole day and night at Genting. A great experience for me. The red carpet, the main show... Loves it...

Overall, I think this award show is more to promoting new artists, bands and their new album. It seem that the show focused more to performance than the awards. But it was really exciting. You don't have to pay to see lots of acts on stage. hehehe :P

Check out some photos I took at the event

Cam-whoring before the show

The red carpet session

The dolls on the red carpet

Mr host himself, Jared Leto.


Stopped & Stared!

These dudes got panic at MAA!

My second time seeing the dolls on stage! wohooo!

One Republic performed Stop & Stare, and Apologize

Leona Lewis

A Super Junior fan!

More SJ fans...

The drummer of Click Five playing the kompang.

Panic At the Disco as the closing performance of the show.

SPOTTED! hehhehe

Pussycat Dolls performing When I Grow Up.

More photos can be view at http://adlisyahril.multiply.com

The End


  1. MWinBiz said...:

    i never been any event like this..
    i dreamed to go such a big event but i didn't know about that n dunno want to go with..hehehe:D
    thanks 4 visiting my blog..

  1. Unknown said...:

    all you need is the high spirit. :)
    Anyway, thanks for dropping by at my blog too.

  1. Fuzz said...:


    This simply beats whatever I did for the month of July... just because you saw PCD shakin their dancing-sexy arses at the show.

    And I did alot of stuff in July(Hennessy,PVD etc)


    Do recover well and I'll see you at Aly & Fila.


  1. Unknown said...:

    i've been reading tons of negative reviews regarding the recent MAA... Too bad...

    It was fun to be in the mosh pit.

    hope to see you at aly & fila. :)